Saturday, July 17, 2010


The day that I started using Mac through Pinnacle Systems Non-Linear Editing Solutions was the day that I am officially catapulted into the the Mac universe. That was around 1999-2000. Yet I was never fully a convert as my mobile devices were all operated through Windows platform. My mobile devices being my laptop and my smartphone are the arsenals of my mobility. These are the virtual concierge that serves me well on its purpose of instantaneously providing me data whenever our retail branches in Avid asked for prices, haggled discounts, and inquire stock availability.

Now, after remunerating of getting a MacBook Pro and sacrificing a couple of lunches because of its high acquisition cost, I am finally setting up mine according to my configuration, business needs and a myriad of personal luxuries.

I am finally what the folks at the Mac cult says a 'convert', or less expletive, a SWITCHER.

Loving every moments of my new road warrior ancillary, I'm found in some corners of Cookbook Kitchen Restaurant fiddling the graphical interface and a whole gamut of fun-filled oohhh's and aaahhh's, while relishing an even tastier Parmesan Crusted Baked White Fish as the restaurant's house specialty. Call it a ceremonial unveiling.

Almost completed except for the Sun Broadband USB Modem which successfully installed but not connecting to its 3G. A friend of mine hinted that I have to install mobilepartner.mpkg from the modem drive but I couldn't see to work it out. To the point of hopelessness, I just postulated that maybe it is because Mac OS is running under 64bit architecture while the modem app is just 32bit.

Luckily though, after convincing myself to make a final ditch, my modem works and yes, it does seem to connect. I will do another round of connectivity test later.

A rambling from a Mac switcher in me….

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