Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sicilysimo at the Festival Mall, Alabang

Today restaurants are banking on authenticity, wellness and flexibility on its raft of product offerings. The metropolitan Manila alone is teeming with dining places of these types of culinary concoctions and interior themes. But none can you see a restaurant that offers all three in one fold. 

We explored far and wide in the outskirts of the urban diningscape to look for restaurants of these threefold culinary creed and fate took us to Sicilysimo at Festival Mall Alabang for some of life's best gastronomic adventures. 

The restaurant brims with pride on an epithet of "brick oven baked pizza" but they offer not just pizza but pasta and risotto and a lot more as well. 

Their guiding principle hinges on Sicilian authenticity, rudimentary wellness and a flexibility of choice. To that, we tried concocting our own pizza and pasta. 

Courtesy bread sticks. I don't know if it's refillable, it would have been better if it is. 

Waldorf Salad

Do you still remember those gigantic pair of wooden spoon and fork hanging in your ancestral house's dining room? Here they are, being used to mix the pasta. What an ingenious and uncanny concept.

A closer look of the pasta that we built. 

And we built our own pizza too with out choice of meats, cheese and toppings. 

To conclude our day, Lychee Shake for me and Dalandan Shake for her. 

Because they're are in such a large quantity, we weren't able to consume them all no matter how hard we tried. So we took home some of the pizza slices. 

Burp… that's one single comment that says it all. 

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