Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summit Ridge Hotel in Tagaytay

Languishing in corporate prison bars, I am at an atrociously critical point of meltdown and to preserve my mortal shell, I whisked off to Tagaytay to have my staycation, but I'd rather call it birthday sojourn since it was my birthday at the same time. The last time that I circumnavigated the entire Tagaytay landscape was circa 1997, during our college tour. 

Why Tagaytay? First, I'm a cold blooded mammal and I thrive in cold places. And that is why you can never drag me into beaches because beach temperatures could disintegrate my molecular structure. Second, Tagaytay is just a few stretch away from the mainland urban jungle that whenever there are critical work renditions needed, I can just head back in as little as 2hours. 

And third, why Summit Ridge Hotel? It is sitting beside a shopping complex for me to conveniently pick anything up that I wittingly left behind to forerun my light travel, plus a promenade of restaurants and a Starbucks coffee are also located there. 

I stayed at the best spot of the hotel's architectural complex, topmost floor and near the elevator so I don't have to walk far when going down. Aside from the balcony that gives you a glimpse of the breathtaking Taal Lake and Volcano, the scenic elevator alone will also give you a momentary experience. And if you yearn to be rejuvenated, the hotel has a swimming pool, a fitness center, and a spa to boot. 

And you don't need to call the front desk to have your bed linen changed, you simply have to put this card on top of your bed. Yes, but you also have to hang the "Please make up this room" sign in the door knob for them to know that your room is screaming for orderliness. 

Lazily lounging in a couch, laying down in bed while watching Discovery, History, or National Geographics, or doing some editorial work at the Philippine Journal of Astronomy, are what my day is composed of. Of course, it concluded with the regimental nightly rituals of putting on some skin foods for my face. Vanity? No, that is what the "makabagong Adan" / (modern day virility) is all about. 

Welcome cocktail awaits at the Annie's Restaurant for the newly checked in guests, but I didn't get mine. The breakfast buffet is is also taken care of them. They are the same restaurant group that brought to you Cravings, C2 Cuisine, and TCB pastry shop that offered you unlimited cake and coffee for just about Php150. They even have burger challenge similar to Zark's which I simply shrugged off and said "5minutes is a give away." :)

Different from Cravings in Manila, theirs doesn't come with unlimited salad and soup and bread. Even the buffet is not that spectacular as compared to most hotel buffets that i have tried. 

See what I have devoured? Waffle with Cherries, Bacon with Wheat Bread with fresh Strawberries, rice porridge, hotdog and longganisa, an Omelette made by the chef stationed at the omelette section, fruit medley and salad(not in the pic). Only that, plus an overflowing hot chocolate and fresh fruit juices. 

Nonetheless, you don't come in here for the food but for the view. Plus, there are other restaurants to choose from, and having a full tummy would just spoil the fun of trying out other restaurants. 

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  1. Summit Ridge Hotel is great hotel to enjoy relaxing atmosphere & Good Facility Services. i found their services awesome.


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