Monday, June 20, 2011

CCA Kitchen by Cravings: Revisited

This is not the first time that I was here, in fact I was here countless times that this has become my casual hang out whenever I feel like treating myself for a hearty meal.

My first visit was chronicled here which is technically a courtesy meal ℅ my bride-to-be friend who now is already a dotting wife.

CCA Kitchen is a spin off of Cravings which is incidentally a resident restaurant of the premiere culinary institution, Center for Culinary Arts(CCA), taking pride on their celebrity chefs and culinary luminaries like Tristan Encarnacion, Rosebud Benitez, Danica Sotto, Janice De Belen and Cristine Bersola.

I noticed that they serve more salad verities during week ends, probably because of the higher volume of mall's foot traffic.

This afternoon was one of those recreated moment where I ordered the same thing, Sunday's Roast Best Chicken(Php320 + 10% SC) and a whole gustatory engorgement from the salad bar and soup section.

This time, their salad bar also include a Pesto Pasta cooked in Basil oil. Lucky find.

My company, MobilityReel ordered a Chicken Tandori for just Php335 + 10% SC, a curry treated chicken in barbecue stick.

My expectation from them is skyrocketing, for one, they charged high tuition and school fees, so I expect that they must have dished out better academic training and management discipline as far as culinary arts is concerned.


  1. the chicken and pasta looks yummeh~

  2. @katey; dapat lang na masarap sila magluto, CCA yung ugat nila eh. mahal mahal ng matrikula dun.

  3. @katey; by the way, for every purchase nof their best selling items, libre na yung soup and salad nito. unlimited. ikaw lang gagawa ng soup, ikaw magtiti,pla. ganun din sa salad, you make your own salad. iba ibang klaseng salad at soup naman andun. yung pasta na yan, pangsahog yata yan sa salad eh, bwahahaha. ginawa ko lang pasta.


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