Sunday, July 4, 2010

So what makes a Starbucks My Starbucks

Haven't I told you that I practically spent half of my business matters at coffee shops, either Blenz Canadian Coffee, Krispy Kreme, Seattle's Best, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Segafredo, Figaro, or Starbucks? Some of them I have hailed as my unofficial office.

Since Starbucks has earned the laurels of being a Filipino favorite, remarkably becoming a household name, I would center this article into Starbucks alone. And since this article is a scope-out of the best hang out, what coffee shop else raises the ante by having the most number of branches than Starbucks.

I have been to almost all Starbucks branches, but in particular, I myself have my own Starbucks fence, analogous to my mobility caprices. So what makes a Starbucks My Starbucks, as I fondly call it. Metrics would be wifi presence, density of the crowd(lesser crowd the better), ambiance, and transport accessibility.  

1) Starbucks Silver City - cozy, facilities are relatively new, at the heart of business center
2) Starbucks Tagaytay - coziest and invigorating windy breeze, but I can't place this into my number one spot because its distance rendered having any USB modem useless, so you'd be most likely be a man-in-an-island.
3) Starbucks Corinthian Hills - one of the most relaxing ambiance because of its thin in-store traffic. Nestled at the Corinthian landscape where the society's bigwigs are residing, it seemed like an exclusive place to go. So if you don't bring a car, chances are you'd turn out languishing while hoping for a cab to pass by
4) Starbucks Tomas Morato - probably the only Starbucks with a library-fashioned table but its thick crowd only dissuade you of the needed private contemplating space
5) Strabucks 6750 - one of the first Starbucks bustling at the center of Makati's commercial district but occasionally gets crowded during week-days

It is neither because I love the coffee variant of Starbucks(I love the Segafredo instead) nor have they had wifi for me to freely tap at my heart's content, but because of their numerous outlets that I can practically go to any places, saunter along, sip a Latte and unfurl my lappie.


  1. you should definitely check out Starbucks Camp John Hay in Baguio City. for me that's the best one

  2. @Catie: i seldom go to Baguio na, the last time i was there was couple of years back, like 2004?:)


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