Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kogi Bulgogi: Korean Cuisine

The way Koreans infiltrated into the Filipino culture used to be just through theatrical flicks and entertainment media with Koreanovelas popping up, dubbed into our local language and shown on prime time television. But this performance trade has been infused with other Korean what-have-you's. Korean restaurants mushrooming everywhere has been widely common nowadays. 

Kogi Bulgogi, from the same proliferators of the Pepper Lunch Group, opened up a sole Korean restaurant at the Veranda of the Eastwood Mall. Sashayed by a casual dining ambiance and seasoned by a service that is reminiscent of the Pepper Lunch signature, the restaurant makes a promising addition to the ensemble of Eastwood's finest restaurants.

The Tales of the Tongue Troopers. They have al fresco dining area but we preferred to sit inside so we waited outside for others to joyfully relinquish their table while we pick our choices on the menu. 

They have all sorts of Korean drinks and table ornaments neatly stashed into the wall trays. 

Complimentary appetizers. It has been such a long time that I have eaten a Mexican potato locals call "Singkamas." 

Complimentary appetizers Part 2. Sweet tasty and crunchy anchovy. Oh, this is love. 

California Maki. MobilityReel is a sucker for these and he can't help but order this. 

Trent's order. Bulgogi Ssambap(Php225) - rice with beef bulgogi and lettuce. 

MobilityReel's order. Kon Chi Gui(Php168) - salt grilled mackerel. He commented this tastes ordinarily like smoked fish(Tinapa) being sold in wet markets. 

I always play safe. Since Pepper Lunch has been championing the cook-it-yourself method, I ordered the Dulsot Bibimbap(Php170) - beef with raw egg. While still hot on a pot on top of a block of wood, you have to mix them like how you do on Pepper Lunch

They are reasonably priced and their iced tea, as I was told, is already +1. All in all, they serve to be a good addition from the restaurant choices a dining populace can pick. 


  1. ahh yeah, i saw this in eastwood! haven't tried this yet though! if i get the chance :)

  2. @Hazel: yeah, but make sure to order safe-to-order entrees. always go for the best seller on first try.


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