Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Market Cafe at the Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila

I have forged a smorgasbord science for having dined in in upscale and hotel restaurants for most of my lifetime. To the scientific community, this is tantamount to  being able to formulate a Theory of Relativity and proving that in almost all nooks and corners of the galaxy. 

Some buffet settings don't even have my palate scathed and in those times, I would just end up shrugging my shoulders saying "was that all you've got?"

Lately, this science that I have founded was put to an acid test when I took my week-end lunch at Hyatt Hotel Hotel and Casino Manila

Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila's Market Cafe posits on the concept of market cornucopia where fresh produce of the day were sifted into the household baskets, deals made, and kitchen tips shared among the patrons and sellers. 

With an arrestingly relaxing atmosphere and a cozy ambiance, Market Cafe is a restaurant with a 5-star setting where all the flavors of any culinary destination is  concocted to perfection. 

Assorted breads. 

All sorts of cheese. 

Salami for your bread. 

Wood-fire prepped pizza. 

Sweet and sour. 

Fish in egg creamy soup. 

5-star version of Adobo. We call this "humba" at home, only this one is glamorously done. 

Filipino section. 




Grillables at the live cooking section. 

The heart of the buffet, a US Prime Rib steak. 

Vegetable, fresh and crunchy. 

Vegetables are served fresh. 

Seafood section. 

Korean section. 

Whip-up-your-own salad section.

Japanese section. They're fresh and so inviting. 

Pick any noodles you want and the chef will do it for you. 

Crispy pork belly is done to perfection. A must try. 

Chinese section.

Cookies in jars. 

Pick up any beverage you like. Most of other buffet set up don't have this. 

Ice cream with ice cream toppers. 

All kinds of desserts to choose from. 

Chocolate fountain and other Willy Wonka's sweet emporium.  

Delectable cake in the desserts section. 

Mouthwatering goodness. 

Find this at the desserts section. 

Ice cream, don't leave the table without having it. 


Another one from the desserts section. 

Fruits of all forms and fancies. 

Buko pandan and other Filipino desserts section. 

My favorite seafood. 

From the live cooking section. 

Maki and sushi the Japanese section. 

I requested the chef to make me a garlic butter shrimp and….

….bake some oysters.

A little bit of everything. 

Dimsum at the Chinese section. 

A shrimp tempura. 

A prime rib steak.

A dessert that I just casually picked up inside the chiller like it was my own fridge. 

I told the chef assigned in the cold kitchen to make me a mango crepe with ice cream scoop on top. 

A DIY Halo Halo. 

To conclude my meal is a fruit medley. 

This is definitely one of those restaurants that I want to give thumbs up and stamp a high recommendation rating, especially to celebrate family milestones, deal sealing, contract framing and romantic rekindling. 

For a discounted price of Php995 from Php1,880, it was well worth it, even coming back. 


  1. ang daming food choices sa Hyatt!!

  2. @Peach: nakapunta ka na ba? grabeh, super duper dami talaga.

  3. Hi. How did you get a discounted price for the buffet?

  4. @Kathy: diverse means. some through PR invites, some through F&B contacts, some though strokes of luck.

  5. Kathy, you can get buffet discount coupons from group buying sites like Groupon, Cash Cash Pinoy, Ensogo, Metro Deal, etc.

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