Thursday, June 21, 2012

Josephine's Restaurant in Tagaytay

Scouring the expanse of the Tagaytay strip where the famous dormant volcano(dormant as of this writing, because there's no such thing as an absolutely and perennially dormant volcano) and a placid lake is located at, I sauntered down at the place's dining haven that serves Filipino cuisine, Josephine's Restaurant

It is just right in front of the hotel that I stayed at, Summit Ridge Hotel, so I just conveniently cross the street and dined in at my heart's delight. 

Josephine's Restaurant resides at the brethren of the ridge where an unobstructed 180degree view will be seen inside the restaurant's huge glass walls. 

The breezy air, the splendid sunset and the tranquil water adds up to the ambiance that is hosted by the Josephine's Restaurant. And the experience even heightened to romantic grandeur when you sit on one of the benches under the lovely moonlight. 

The restaurant is uberspacious, probably it can house in around 300 guests. This has been a famous spot to hold garden weddings, birthdays, and other family milestones. 

I started at 6:00PM, just enough to see how the Sun descended and kissed the horizon. Only two tables, including mine, were occupied then. At around 7:00PM, people started rushing in. But that was relatively few compared to the week end crowd which made the restaurant a dining haystack. 

I started off with the Mutya ng Cavite(Php290 + 10% SC), a thick creamy soup of various seafoods like squid, mollusks, shells, and shrimp. The server said he'd give me half the serving at half the price too since I am just on a lone star quest. But he gave me a bowl that I think is still good for two. The soup in the picture above is just a scope up from a huge bowl. The soup alone can pass off for a viand.

Then a Binagoongang Rice(Php90 + 10% SC)  was served. The server said it's good for two, but then restaurants, all of them, always exaggerate the serving size. It was just good for me. 

Here comes the Samu't Saring Sinugba(Php580 + 10% SC), an assortment of grilled meats, chicken, pork belly, squid, and a fish. But to have a variation of taste, I told the server to ask the chef if the chicken can be prepped barbecue style instead of a plain grill. This is of a platter size so I have to take home some left over. 

While some of the people hurled plethora of gripes on the Josephine's Restaurant for having a less than ideal dining experience, mine on the other hand was pleasant enough. The customer service was rightfully afforded and the food wasn't served in haste. Although there is nothing spectacular about the taste(grilled and bagoong rice always have the same standard taste value), I couldn't complain for its price range. 


  1. OMG! I like that Mutya ng Cavite! Soup girl pa naman ako...

  2. @Peach: me too. kailangan may soup yung meal set ko.

  3. Replies
    1. you can try it, one of the must-try restos in Tagaytay.

  4. haven't eaten here yet!!! but i know it's very popular at tagaytay! :)

    1. Hi Hazel, there are so many popular restos in Tagaytay, it is one of them. in fact, my favorite restaurant of all time, Antonio's is in Tagaytay.

  5. Replies
    1. Hi Danica, you can try it just to see if it was good. Week-ends can be a bit crowded too.


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