Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cafeccino by Dome

The first time I was at the Dome Cafe was at their branch at Shangrila Mall. It has left a stench of return feeling and I have to blame it on their Vigan Longganisa Pasta. It was so delectable that the smell alone beguiled me to want some more. 

Now that they have opened up a branch at Eastwood, via Cafeccino by Dome, I can't help but try again their pasta best seller. 

They used to restrict people from taking photos of their place but this time they allowed it. Either it's because I have been frequenting this branch and that they have known me or it's probably because suppressing on what could have been an awesome dining experience would put them on a bad press. 

The place is an excellent alternative to coffee shops because it isn't too crowded and that it has a cozier ambiance. The orb lights, the splendid chandelier hanging  from a ceiling emblazoned with mirrors are some of its highlighted features.

Vigan Longganisa Pasta (Php290 + 10%SC) - it's a unique combination of spaghetti pasta, roasted bell peppers and tomatoes, mushrooms and garlic sausage from the "north" of Luzon. 

Ham Bacon and Egg Stack (Php195) - Yes I eat a lot. And wait there's more…

Grilled Pork Chop (360 + 10%SC) - It has two slabs of pork, grilled to perfection.

Each table has a Chardonnay Varietal Range White Wine but I didn't get it. O only get wines from known wine retailers who know the proper way of storing wines, retailers like Bacchus, Santis and Terry's Selection

The experience was perfect for a hearty breakfast meal. You now see my voracious appetite and it's breakfast yet. I am still at an inertia at rest so the momentum is not yet at a full throttle.


  1. at least hindi ka tumataba *inggit*

  2. @Katey: gym lang yan dear. kala ko ba nagji-gym kayo ni Martin.

  3. i want to try that Vigan Longganisa Pasta!! :)

  4. @Hazel: grabeh, bomba talaga Vigan Longga Pasta nila.


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