Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I know I am so heartless(and a sucker that is) when it comes to cosmetic products that even public toilets in our office are lambasted shamelessly by my uberly hygienic tendencies. Men in my fold are just as vain as I am though, so before you cast your doubts, let me tell you that these are the new breed alpha males in the urban landscape(although I am not an alpha male categorically, far from being it).

So how did I manage to do that? I lug around a backpack, almost everytime, that contains not only the tools for a road warrior(and mobile professional) like me, but also a compartment for my manity(short for 'men's vanity') kits.

And how did I manage to acquire them? I do my intensive research first(operating word here is "intensive"). And although men have usually different hygienic needs than women, and that there are only sparse information in cyberspace that you can find about men's grooming resources, you'd most likely find information that contains women's vanity board in a tropical country. That's just as nearly good as what you're looking for.

Then here goes grabbing them at the brick and mortar outlets, if shopping online isn't of a choice. Make sure that you are in your destination(Watson's, Rustan's, skin clinics, wellness boutiques, etc) right before they open. I am usually there 5min before they open so that it isn't much of incommodiously awkward to choose items amidst the thick crowd of opposite sex. I do just the same in a salon. 5min earlier. It's that important because the woman doing your hair or fingernails or toe nails have just had a refreshed energy from a night's sleep.

Besides, Sales Reps can serve you better when you're alone or there's only few people in the shop. Don't be silly by lying that it isn't for you, or it's for your partner. Come on, you'd have a better recommendation from her if you tell her with brutal honestly that you want your pores tightened, or you want skin lightening effect, or you want to remove some scars and all. Same technique applies as to how women choose their lipsticks or moisturizers, dab a small amount into the area nearly between thumb and forefinger.

And make sure you religiously and periodically apply them as recommended. The hardest part of it is during the times that you are so tired, you're having a long day and putting on a honey, mudpack, or a facial mask is laborious enough and simply a hassle.


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