Sunday, June 10, 2012

From NASA to nada

The people around me knew how immersed I am in my pedagogic ardor of feeding the brain and teaching the young minds the science of astrophysics. And nothing is more satisfying than seeing them succeed in their fields of endeavor, whether they will become "theoretical astrophysicists" by crunching mathematical equations and presenting to the world conceptually weird but scientifically sensible theories, or "experimental physicists" who sits by the lab and wreaking the composite Hadrons by high energy collisions.  

And having those efforts appreciated especially in the international scientific community brought such an uplifting vein. Lately, I got a pre-birthday package from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland. 

The package contains a polo shirt, a jacket(which I already wore when taking these pics), an ID lanyard and a tumbler. 

The tumbler is so cool, it has a robotic lid that opens smoothly much like how the Mars Rover is operated. 

My gratitude to the folks at NASA for always supporting people of similar discipline of science. 

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