Sunday, March 11, 2012

KOMRAD - Mao's Hunan and Sichuan Kitchen

This is my first entry of the Tales of the Tongue series, a gastronomic escapade citation conceptualized by one of my colleagues at work, Trent (perhaps he should apply a patent for it), who despite of some of his voracious fluctuation, never grow a waist inch.

Just like what this post is all about, Komrad is also a citation restaurant for Chairman Mao Zedong, China's communist founding pillar, hence the name Komrad(Mao's Hunan and Sichuan Kitchen). But what does Trent and Mao possess in common. Nothing. Mao is from the northern part of China, Trent is from the southern part of Luzon. Mao's genetic composition is to rule, Trent's DNA is to spend. Mao is known for his rural practicality, Trent's signature demeanor leans towards urban extravagance. Mao speeds up mainland China's road to progress, Trent accelerates at a main thoroughfare's road to his vicissitude.

Enough of Mao-Trent Apple-to-Apple(err Durian) comparison. I took a picture of the group I was with, that's MobilityReel and Trent.

Komrad Garlic Siomai(Php185 + 10% SC). Ordinary Siomai Hunan style. And when I say Hunan, I simply meant drowning it with spices.

Pinapple Fried Rice(Php198 + 10% SC). I was wishing they'd place it in a real pineapple fruit the way it is served in the provinces of China. Take a look at my Lugang Cafe post to see how it is done.

Komrad Fried Rice(Php198 + 10% SC). I actually couldn't find much discernible difference with the Pinapple Fried Rice.

Beef in Spicy Pot(Php285 + 10% SC). Dried chili swimming in the vast ocean of Sichuan spices. I super like this.

Pork Belly Stew with Garlic(Php288 + 10%SC). Nothing is what it seems, and just as any covert operation where everything's covered up, the pork here is covering a mount of preserved veggies.

While the interior design elements were spectacular despite a smaller space, Chairman Mao's picture at the center, and some photos depicting his communist reign slapped into the wall, one would notice that this is not an authentic Chinese restaurant. No calligraphy, no huge round tables, and no large aquariums with "fortune-flapping" fishes.

Oh well, all of the celebrity-turned-chef Marvin Agustin's other restaurants were a dazzling display of interior tapestry, just like John&Yoko and Marciano, which is actually good as a chill out place. Komrad also offers a bucket of Tsing Tao beer for only Php695.

This is a concerted brainchild with Raymund Magdaluyo Red Crab restaurant group, the same restauranteur who brought to you Red Crab and Seafood Club, Heaven & Eggs, Paloma, Clawdaddy Crabhouse, American Grill, Hula Hula, Blackbeard's Seafood Island, Sumo Sam, Mr. Kurosawa, Red Crab Cafe, Texas Smoke Em, Flying Pig, Blu Fish Coastal Cooking, etc.

Located at a Veranda wing of Eastwood Mall, Komrad is a fearless venture as most dishes served in the Philippines sprung from the south of China, the widely accepted Cantonese entrees which had been an integral part of our culinary fusion, such as Sio Mai, Roast Duck and Braised Pork, etc.


  1. cantonese food in guangzou, when i was there, sucked! but i still love chinese food.

  2. Inggit!!! Buti pa si Trent di tumataba =)) Hallllluuu Egay! :)

  3. @Rache: buti pa si trent noh? pero ok lang. sexy ka naman palagi eh. :)

  4. @Pia: hello pia, how are you. someday baka magkita din tayo sa china. i'm am planning to go there ulet, guangzhou too.


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