Friday, March 30, 2012

O'sonho Portuguese Fusion

Despite the culinary soothsayers saying that no Portuguese restaurant will ever flourish in the Philippines, O'sonho Portuguese Fusion managed to emerge with two of its branches located at Makati and Eastwood City.

O'sonho meant "dream" and the restaurant is definitely born out of a dream of Cris and Nik Barancik to open a fusion cuisine that would integrate the spicy inclinations of the Filipinos by bringing in a a familiar, closely Spanish-related, Portuguese dishes. Spaniards have brought us the Latino luxuriation of spices, garlic, olive oil, and seafood. The only difference between them and Portuguese is that the latter's cooking is richer and full-flavored, with the spices that are more apparent. It's a lot like Spanish dishes in exaggeration.

The fellow piranhas and Tales of the Tongue troopers stormed the O'sonho in Eastwood just right outside our building, and this is what we have.

Courtesy appetizer.

Spicy Goulash ' Goulash Picante(Php170 + 10%SC), a clear soup mashed of stewed beef tenderloin, fresh potatoes, and plump tomatoes peppered with chill flakes. Collectively, we find it to be a soup that gives a palette a surprising kick.

All-Meat Paella / Paella De Carne(Php480 + 10%SC), a heavy mix of bacon, beef, chicken, lamb and chourico, carefully spiced and specially cooked to satisfy the most demanding meat craving. MobilityReel doesn't like this, he doesn't like rice close to being sticky. Trent doesn't like the taste so I ended up eating more than half of it.

Peri Peri Chicken on Fragrant Chicken Rice(Php210 + 10% SC), tender juicy, butterfly-cut thighs marinated in a Peri peri sauce. This one is a hit.

Trent calls this a O'sonho Fresh Lemon Iced Tea(Php170 + 10%SC) placed in a flower vase. I like the rich, syrupy taste though but my pals don't. It's a freshly brewed tea with sliced American lemons. It's the restaurant's signature brew.

Pasteis De Nata / Custard Tarts(Php130 + 10%SC) - egg custard pies with flaky dough. It was said to be a Portuguese best seller, and indeed it sold us out.

Trent says he couldn't find anything spectacular on the dishes. I felt the same. I mean, I would rather go for traditional, authentic Spanish restaurant in the metro(just like Terry's Selection) serving the best Paella of different variants, rather than a mainstream, commercialized dining spots that offered the same of mediocre taste. What I like about the place though is the fact that it doesn't get crowded during peak hours. My demophic tendencies once again.

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