Saturday, February 4, 2012

Breakfast at H&E Rockstar

Having come from an overtime work, literally worn out and without any sleep, I went to Glorieta 4 to have a breakfast at H&E Rockstar. My eyes are vampire-red, with balls about to drop from its socket, and gallivanting in a daylight seemed like a walking into the gates of Hades. My eyes is really at an excruciating pain and that staying awake is like fighting for my life.

H&E Rockstar is a metamorphosed Heaven&Eggs from the Red Crab group of restaurants, catering to the hippier after-dark crowd who just bolted off from a gig or from a hang out joint.

True to their point, their design elements centered to the drum set hanging on their chandelier, and an LCD TV playing rock bands. During that time, they were playing Depeche Mode and Air Supply(I am having a second though though that Air Supply belonged to the rock genre).

Cereal station.


Sweet porridge mixed with cacao tablets.

Assorted bread with your choice of spread, jam, or cheese.

Corned beef. I don't like this kind of soupy corned beef, i want it dry with visible beef strands.

Marinated milkfish in sweet and sour sauce.

Fish fingers.

Bacon. The only thing that kept me on my table for two hours.

Their fruits are a paltry. Only papaya and pineapple. I'm hoping they'd put in apple, banana and mango too.

They also have free flowing iced tea and orange juice. I was wishing they can also include fresh milk and brewed coffee.

I started it off with cereals with kiddie toppings. :)

I asked the chef to prep me an omelet and a….

Pancake topped with butter and honey.

Bacon with potato wedges. I couldn't understand their bacon because it looks pale, tastes a bit greasy, but really crunchy.

Corned beef with chicken fillet.

I made myself a porridge rice with hard boiled egg topped with adobo flakes.

Oatmeal sprinkled with raisins instead of sugar.

They have a free wifi so you can check your email while you're munching your meal. And perhaps multitask other online chores. For a price of Php349, I think it would have been a lot better of they added in more fruits which is what a morning should be like. And where are the waffles.


  1. wow! looks really good! i like the porridge with adobo flakes. speaking of free wifi, i was shocked that the hotel i went to earlier charges 990 per day for use of their wifi.


  2. I used to love the homey and country ambience at heaven and Eggs.. Ngayon parang ayoko a nung ambience nila but I still love their food specially the Manila Ribs.

  3. I agree with the fruit part. The bacon looks good!

    P349??? pwede na i guess

  4. @peach: yes, mukha na kaseng pang-grunge music yung ambiance nila eh, i mean, don't get me wrong, i also listen to grunge music, but a restaurant with a grunge theme isn't most likely my favorite restaurant, even if they serve good food. it's too gothic and rough for me. just like you, i want a homey, smooth feel of a cozy restaurant na balik balikan ko.

  5. @katey: ok na rin bacon but not really extraordinarily ok. :)

  6. sweet porridge with cacao tabs? how did it fare?

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    Thanks and God bless!


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