Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cyma Greek Taverna

My Spartan fondness to Greece was my mathematical credulity the moment I understood theorems by Euclid, Pythagora and Archimedes during highschool, and lately Aristarchus when I studied astronomy and became an astronomical society's officer during college.

Perhaps, it wouldn't end there. Having travelled far and wide to the splendor that was Santorini(errr…. Santorini of the south), my irrepressible eros grew to a larger scale, and with the addition of Cyma Greek Taverna, it has become stronger.

My second Tales of the Tongue adventure with MobilityReel and Trent took us to the Mediterranean marvel that is Cyma, a brainchild of one of the country's famous restauranteur, Chef Rob Goco.

Cyma Greek Taverna, a 2010 winner of Best Specialty Cuisine in Manila's Best Kept Restaurant Secrets, already spawned several branches nationwide including the ones at Shangrila Mall, Greenbelt 2, Trinoma, and Eastwood. I was told by some of my foodie circles that they already have branches in Boracay and Cebu too.

This time we were joined by our boss, Melanie Jane who, just like us, also has an incessant fondness for good food. It isn't surprising since her family has been in the food industry for quite sometime.

Let's see what we have on our table:

Pikilia(Php480 + 10% SC), a sampler combination of 5 dips, Tzatziki(cucumber garlic and Greek yogurt dip), Melitzanosalata(freshly roasted eggplant, tomatoes, garlic, fresh lemon and evo), Hummous(velvety chickpea, tahini, and garlic dip), Htipiti(creamed feta cheese, hint of roasted spicy peppers and evoo), and Taramosalata(Greek version of caviar- salted fish roe rip).

It's a Pita-overload night. The bread we are all very familiar of. I was supposed to order a rice but the beautiful lady thankfully restrained me by saying that we still have these breads, and true enough they were enough.

Pastisado(Php530 + 10% SC), beef shank braised in Greek tomato sauce, served on top of spaghetti. It's a different spaghetti by the way, it is hollow at the center. For the commoners, it's like a straw. For astrophysicists, it's like an Einstein-Rosen bridge. :)

The phrase on the menu that says "To Share" will have to be taken seriously.

Yiouvetsi(Php450 + 10% SC), Baked lamb with "Orzo", a rice shaped pasta served with grated parmesan, parsley, and evoo).

Again, never underestimate the "To Share" phrase here.

On to our Souvlaki, a Greek Shish-Kabobs, meaning it's a Greek kebab version.

Trent doesn't like the lamb despite our collective penchant over it, so he ordered chicken instead. Chicken Souvlaki(Php340 + 10% SC) is skewered with fresh vegetables.

Lamb Souvlaki(Php450 + 10% SC) is also skewered with fresh veggies and is grilled over seasoned hardwood fire.

All the Souvlaki were done the traditional way of doing it.

The Cyma Greek Taverna is truly a testament of Rob Goco's culinary expertise, as some of his restaurants are, like Charlie and the Burger Factory and Go Greek.

This time, my anchorage for Greece doesn't simply lean towards the quest for Atlantis(I'm kidding), but of the avid search for trans-atlantean food of blending flavors, ensuring a burst of deliciousness for every bite.

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