Sunday, September 26, 2010

John&Yoko: Cosmopolitan Japanese

Right before I flew in to the iPhone launch held at both Makati Shangri-la Hotel and New World Renaissance Hotel, I had my late lunch at the John&Yoko Cosmopolitan Japanese. It's an upscale fusion resto but generally a Japanese-inspired menu with the affinity of a bar atmosphere.

Being a cosmopolitan prowler that I am, I said to myself that this is probably the kind of restaurant that represents my cultural root. No, I am no Japanese. And I seldom fancy Japanese food, particularly the raw variety. But Yoko having sprung from an Eastern ancestry, while John as the icon of Western liberty is an untold story of my culture. My rural beginning in one of the far-flung towns of Cebu is largely traditional and conservative, while my current environment, Manila, where almost half of my growing years is spent, is a place highly esteemed by its dynamism, liberal, and fast-paced lifestyle.

The John&Yoko though is just a Filipino restaurant forged by the owners Marvin Agustin and Ricky Laudico. I failed to ask if they have other business partners but those two are all I know. It's good to have dined in a myriad of restaurants because you will have a fair share of knowledge already as to the brainchilds of these brooding establishments: their owners, chefs, interior designers, industrial partners, etc.

The place is a cornucopia of modern lighting and snazzy interiors. Serving on your dining table were waitresses in an all-black outfit with skimpy skirts that add a modern tapestry to the resto's theme.

My gastric tank at that time can only accommodate a Seafood Yakiudon and Crunchy Squid Teriyaki, but during drought time(empty stomach), I know I can chow the entire pizza pan. Consequently I couldn't vouch for other menu since I haven't tasted them yet. But the John&Yoko is a good place for a group of friends to unwind as their tables usher a minimum of 4 pax.

John&Yoko, from a marketing perspective, is a topnotch branding ingenuity, a fusion of two opposing worlds, and a union of the best in them. It's both chic and classical screaming in crescendo.

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