Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Restaurant 5 at Discovery Suites Hotel

I've been so swamped with work and work-beyond that writing for my CafeMobility site has been demoted to the last of my priorities. I am pimped into other projects of other business units, my reports, quality audit, and process architecture, plus my regular astrophysics lecture, and my perennial editorship post at the Philippine Journal of Astronomy. My sleep length has been inadvertently compromised and I never had any waking up mode without any assistance by a digital concierge, which in my case is just a radio alarm clock.

But I made sure to it that I rewarded my week end with a great meal. I mean, that's the least that I can do.

Lately I took my lunch at the Restaurant 5 of Discovery Suites Hotel. Restaurant 5, hence the numeral indicates, is located at the 5th level of the Ortigas' premiere luxury accommodation, Discovery Suites. It's a casual, no frill, unpretentious restaurant that serves continental cuisine in an a la carte and buffet form factor.

I asked some of my foodie friends(thank you Peachy and Katey) on which day of the week end is great, to which they replied a Grill Sunday. And so it is.

A non-alcohol island smoothie mix of Mango and Pineapple, with a courtesy Discovery Suites Teddy, makes me wonder, are these left overs of the Valentine frenzy?

Salad Bar. They can mix it for you and have it delivered into your table. Although I preferred doing the mix myself.

Shrimp with special sauce at the salad bar.

Paella Rice. Nice for a Sunday to have this.

Steamed and crunchy vegetables.

Hungarian Sausage.

Steamed Tilapia with stuffed Veggies.

Thinly sliced grilled pork belly.

Grilled Chicken Sunday Roast style.

Baby Back Ribs. I'm wishing it has more meats than bones. :(

Garfield's favorite, Lasagna.

Grilled Prawn, I so love it. But I'm wishing they also have Prawn Thermidor. But it's a Grill Sunday Feats, so I rested my case.

Carving station presents… almighty Crispy Pata.


Watermelon. Take one after meal, or else the watery substance will fill your stomach right away.

Mango. It's good that they have it. Although I also wished that they have Apples too.


On to the dessert section. So what do we have here.

Green Tea Layer Cake. Matcha green tea powder in its ingredient gives it a kick of the sweetness.

Who can't say no to an intermingling of sweet and soury taster of a Cheesecake.

Plum Tart it seemed. Just the right sweetness.

Another entry at the dessert section, Butterscotch Bar.

Chocolate bite, and I'm rendered helpless.

So what did I have on my table. Ah…. Baby Back Ribs and a slew of veggies.

Grilled Prawn and a vegetable.

Soft meats, Stuffed Tilapia and my favorite Grilled Prawn.

And here goes my tasteful exploration to their Crispy Pata.

In a buffet, the last that you're going to take are either non-expensive variants or the hardest meat. In this case both.

I asked the chef to make me a Ceasar Salad.

My sweet tooth can't help it, even if my stomach space is almost fully occupied.

Halo-halo floating mercilessly in a body of water. Ice chunk isn't really fine so you get to have to wait until it liquifies because you can't pulverize them all.

I concluded the gastric festivity with a courtesy green tea in a pot and a Mango I have hoarded when people are busy rummaging the main entrees.

Buffet price costs around Php699++ per person. My drink costs Php199 with a whole gamut of supplementary charges(10% Service Charge, 12% Non-VAT, and 2.8% Local Tax). That drink costs almost my buffet price, I tell you.

Two things you are paying in a buffet, a variety of dishes and a customer service. At a hefty premium, the service was excellent though, and they replenish the food in a snap.


  1. i already had dinner but these photos made me feel like eating again. argh!

    hey, would you know how much an ipad 2 now that ipad 3 is out?

  2. @Pia: iPad2 is just around Php18k to 22k now. i'd wait for iPad3 if i were you.

  3. Hi! I'm new here. I just found your blog c/o Mrs. Martinez blog. I'm so happy to read your blog - all the info, great photos, food / buffet prices, hi-tech gadgets, and places to visit. Thank you!
    Bye for now, as I am still reading your past posts. ;-)

  4. @Bes: thank you. ping me at john.cabrera@physicist.net if you have questions though.

  5. tilapiaaaaaaaaaaaaa! i miss!!!!!!

  6. @Charles: puro kase foie gras kinakain mo eh. :) mamimiss mo talaga yun.


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