Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tempura Japanese Grill: Casual Japanese dining

Rainy days and Saturdays always get me down… What was supposed to be a bedroom weather ended up to be an outdoor culinary adventure. And our(me and my college room mate's) plan was initially at H&E Glorietta to try out their steak-all-you-can but their seemingly cramped space happened to be a deal-breaker. You know how I hate crowded and un-roomy places that whenever I go to restaurants, ambiance is as formidable as the food.

So we went to the United Nations branch to try Tempura Japanese Grill's order-all-you-can, which is not new to me since I have eaten at both Red Kimono and Matsuri already. Tempura Japanese Grill is a casual dining restaurant that infuses traditional Japanese flare with post-modern fusion cuisine.

You can't order everything found on their a la carte menu, instead, they will hand you over an order slip that contains limited entrees that you can check and just give to the waiter after choosing your preference.

We started it off with Kani Salad, shredded crabstick with garden fresh vegetables in Japanese salad dressing.

Then we got mixed Sashimi - maguro, ika, ebi, tamago and kana.

Gyu Asupara Maki - asparagus in thinly sliced beef tenderloin grilled with special sauce.

Tofu Teppanyaki - deep fried Japanese bean curd with shitake mushroom and diced chicken in Teppanyaki sauce.

Sukiyaki - sliced beef tenderloin with mushroom, tofu, vetegables and vermicelli in Sukiyaki soup.

Gyuniku Teriyaki - thinly sliced beef tenderloin with teriyaki sauce

Gyuniku Teppanyaki - diced beef tenderloin with vetegables in teppanyaki sauce

Mixed maki - Japanese maki in different variants

Tonkatsu - deep fried breaded pork cutlet

Hotate Asparagus Teppenyaki - scallops with asparagus in teppanyaki sauce

Spareribs Sansho Yaki - grilled spareribs cooked in house specialty sauce served with vetegables and sprinkled with Japanese pepper

And who would want to go to a Tempura Japanese Grill without the Ebi Tempura - deep fried tiger prawns in crispy yumminess.

There are some Teppenyaki that we ordered that are not in the pic. As usual, the suckers that we are, we ordered 90% of what we can see in the order slip.

Eating in a buffet takes a week of practice and because of the absence of that, my stomach went into a gastric somersault that I ended up throwing up what I have eaten.

The price tag of Php499 is already an all-in price point. They don't charge you with service charge.


  1. wow, so you need practice pala? didn't know that.

    sayang naman, but i hope you feel better now.

    why can't you order on the ala carte menu?

  2. I love Gyu Asupara Maki ! May ganya pala ang Tempura Japanese Grill

  3. yung sa robinson's place ang na try namin, ok naman yung food, sulit naman yung price lalo na pag magana ka :-)

  4. @Katey: yes, kailangan you must practice, in such a way that your stomach is already expanded to maximize the deal. :) that week case, papabuka pa young stomach ko. :) and that's one of the tricks pals in eating buffet. full-blown gastric space.

  5. @Peach: yeah meron sila, you can actually try it. They have a branch at Tomas Morato, beside Sentosa.

  6. @Emerald: yep, but i think most buffets now are treading on a Php500 price point na.

  7. sayang naman yung kinain mo sa buffet!

    I've tried red kimono and tempura jap grill and I liked this WAY more. :) I didn't know they have buffet na! Matry nga. I love Jap food!

    I hope you feel better :)

  8. @Smarla: it's ok to throw them all out than to be in a comatose after eating. hahahaha.


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