Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ramen Bar: Revisited

Last night I hit on Ramen Bar, in Eastwood City, to meet with some long time friends. But unlike my first time at Ramen Bar which was absolutely free as I was one of the invited few during the grand opening, this time I have to pay for what I eat.

Ramen Bar still has the same set of menu, one that is concocted by Chef Masa Ishikawa, a Japanese chef who incidentally also run several ramen chain in Nagoya, Japan. He also was an industrial partner of the restaurant, along with Charlie Paw who is not just a brilliant restauranteur but an accomplished technopreneur as well, being a proliferator of Digital Hub, a chain of Mac-and-accessories retail shops.

RBS(Php380 + 10% SC) maintained to be my all time favorite in Ramen Bar. It's a soy-infused tonkotsu ramen topped with tamago(soft boiled egg), naruto(fish sticks), nori(dried seaweed), nego(spring onion), chasyu, and kakoni(braised pork belly). The tamago has a topnotch taste since it is marinated for two days, enough for the seasonings to absorb inside the egg's membrane. Speaking of seasonings, both seasonings and sauces are actually imported from Japan. Yes, they're that authentic.

We sorely miss each other's company so we transferred to Starbucks for an extended catching up. And just like the good ol' times, boisterous laughter and rolls of fun is still the group's signature demeanor.

Anyhow, I am extremely ecstatic to have meet good old friends from wayback, a friendship forged from the industry of mobile devices. And since we have become a bit matured now, our technobabbles transitioned into life talks. It's a friendship that grows stronger for almost 10years now.

Till next time guys….


  1. awwwww what a great reunion :D i love reunions! :)

    parang ang sarap nga ng tamago na yan!

  2. @Smarla: yes, it's my fave. true to its name, RBS indeed is a Ramen Bar Special.

  3. wow reunion. I love reunios esp remeniscin old funny story.

  4. Buti ka pa. Ako I haven't gone back to Ramen Bar hehe

  5. @Rome: yes, reunions are usually 'the-years-that-were', encapsulated with laughter.

  6. @Michelle: oo nga, last time i was here was during the launch. this time i have to pay for what i eat.


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