Sunday, November 27, 2011

Eastwood Cafe at Richmond Hotel

Eastwood is bustling with energetic scene every week end, from cosplay competition to pet blessing, from concert events to Sunday organic market, from fashion bazaars to car exhibits. And the chances that I would be in Eastwood during week-ends is very slim, as you all know, I have a bit of a demophobia(unexplained fear of crowd), except that mine is not really a clinical phobia but a dislike of crowded places.

This is not one of those week-ends. With the first anniversary of Eastwood Richmond Hotel, they are offering a 1 + 1 buffet treat from November 24-30, 2011. That's essentially "buy-one, take-one" to a consuming demographics. And the place was as full as with Marriott Hotel Manila when they offer anniversary promo of similar vein at 50% off.

Eastwood Richmond Hotel is seated at the backdraft of an enviable location at the heart of posh residential and commercial centers within the Eastwood complex. The Eastwood Cafe offers a myriad of delectable choices, a gastronomic possibility of all forms and formulation, a continental cuisine from globally renowned culinary masters.

For their grilling station, they have Snapper, Squid, Beef Rib Eye, Pork Belly, and Chicken

Their main entrees include Beef with Spicy Garlic Black Bean Sauce and not in the pic were Pork Adobo, Thai Chicken Curry, and Chicken and Vetegable Shawarma.

They also have Baked Fish with Tofu and Coriander. Although not in the pic, on its side was a huge Baked LapuLapu with Ginger Hoisin and Ebi Tempura. There are Singaporean Seafood Vermicelli, and the untouched home-styled Pancit Canton.

Steamed vegetable goes well with meats.

They also have Mongolian and Pasta Station where you can ask the chef to prepare one for you with your choice of noodles, pasta, and ingredients.

Being a self-proclaimed steak slayer, my favorite among them is the Carving Station where a US Beef steak was done to perfection.

Since we started out too late, I wasn't able to grab a bread and a soup the way I usually do as a starter. They have Creamy Corn Soup, Mushroom Soup, assorted bread with the choices of Feta, Emmental, and Cheddar cheeses.

Cheesecakes. Definitely delectable. A must have for a concluding meal dessert.

Cappuccino Cake melts in the mouth. I can live without Tiramusu, for as long as there's Cappuccino Cake.

Chocolate Mousse. The sweetness is just right. I wish there'd be more of these. The Seasons, Marriot Cafe, Cafe Jeepney, and Basix have a wider option.

Chocolate Fountain for the youthful demeanor in me. I love sticking the marshmallow into the fountain, reliving what was once a Goya Fun Factory chocolate experience.

They also have an Ice Cream station but I only got an Ube Flavor. They ran out of chocolate.

Let's see what's on my plate.

I had Mongolian Noodlefest too. All ingredients.

And my grilled meats. They serve tea as well, which I found to be handy for the carnivorous' digestion process.

A combination of Braso de Mercedes, Linzer Tart, Apple Cinamon Crumble, and Cappuccino Cake.

A fresh green salad with Red Wine Vinaigrette.

Red and green apple in thin slices.

My first take on Richmond Hotel group was at their Ortigas area where I stated for a night and took the buffet a day after. But this is my first time in Eastwood Richmond Hotel.

We(me and my college room mate) were really late when we got here since we came from Alabang Town Center for a business appointment. So the foods that I snapped at are already mercilessly lambasted. :)

Since it's 1 + 1, we only paid Php1, 080 nett.


  1. Thanks for posting about this.. I didn't have the slightest idea that Eastwood Richmond Hotel has this promo. The food looks good.. :)

  2. @Sumi: they have another promo of this kind by january next year. watch out for that.

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  4. @Chief: thanks, will look forward to that.

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  6. Wow, isn't that expensive? But by the looks of it, it's delectable and sooooo delicious. Definitely we'll try this. We will be checking in Summit Hotel Magnolia this September.

    1. It's really worth a try if you are into foodies.


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