Saturday, November 12, 2011

Archipelago 7107: Regional culinary treasure

Archipelago 7107 is a restaurant affiliate of the Barrio Fiesta group, a dining chain known to offer buffet style homegrown cuisines. The Archipelago 7107's concept lies on the encompassing 7107's islands best culinary treasure, hitting two birds at one stone by promoting the tourism flow and the delicacies that each island took a brimming pride with.

Located at Il Terrazo along Tomas Morato, Archipelago 7107 has a cozy ambiance for a restaurant, with vibrant lighting, minimalist and austere dining interior and stylish tables and chairs, some of which are a wicker-made to represent one of the most viable Philippine export industries.

Yet, despite the upscale atmosphere of a restaurant lies the reasonable price ranges of their entrees. I was lucky enough to have gotten a deal from a group buying site. For only Php465, you can get a KBL Pork with a pot of Kare Kare, 4 cups of rice, and 1.5L of Pepsi soda.

Kare-Kare(retailed at Php350), Tender Oxtail and tripe stewed in a creamy peanut sauce, a true Pinoy fiesta that is completed with a Shrimp Paste.

KBL(retaked at Ph275) - stands for Kadios, Baboy, and Langka. Kadios beans are a popular ingredient in Ilonggo cuisine of Iloilo. Throw in grilled pork belly with langka, and you have an unforgettable treat.

Given 4 cups of rice, this is advertised to be good for 4 persons, however, if only these advertisers know that ravenous species like me exist in this world, they may change their statements of estimations. Besides, the KBL only consists of one strip of pork.


  1. @Peach: it was use an ok dish. i think you can make a better version of it.


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