Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sicilian Express: No frill pizza

What I like about pizza is that it serves a vivid illustration to the properties of the fabric of space and time, something that I am, in numerous occasion, picking as an animated example by bending the pizza pan, descriptive to the folding of the visible universe, or curving it up to account the curvature of space as perturbed by gravity, or turning it monodirectionally to indicate an accretion process as to how celestial objects are formed, for example the stages from planetesimal to planetoid to planets.

Just recently, the opportunistic black hole that I am went to meet up my college room mate to use the voucher I got from eBay. It's two 14inch pizza and a 2liter Pepsi Max from Sicilian Express worth Php555. Note that each pizza costs Php515 if you're going to buy it without the voucher, making this deal a one in a gazillion.

Sicilian Pizza(14inches) is a cheese-based pizza loaded with meaty slices of Sicilian sausages, chunky beef sausage, crunchy green bell pepper strips, and onions.

Pizza Bianca(14inches) seemed to be my favorite of the two, a healthy combo of prawns, garlic cloves, mozzarella, parmesan cheese with home made pesto.

That explains it, you know that I am a rabid fan for pesto or vegetable-based pizza.

I wish it would have been better if they also have a thin crust variant. It's such a gastric heavy weight wrestle mania to consume them, a kind of dining annihilation reminiscent to a man vs pizza arena.

Sicilian Express has lots of branches but the one we conquered is the one located at Soho Central, Shaw Boulevard, almost in front of St. Francis of Assissi Church.

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