Thursday, November 17, 2011

Le Cuisine Francaise: French buffet, bon appétit

When the "Le Vie En Rose" was played on the background, it makes me think that I am in Paris. Le Cuisine Francaise, a French restaurant located at Sedeno corner San Agustin Makati surely knows how to complete the romanticism brand of Paris by fusing French delicieux and the ambiance only a Le Brasserie can provide. Not only do they serve impeccably tasteful cuisines but as well as nightly entertainment by Filipino and French plus other ex-pat musicians playing different musical genre from jazz to blues to broadway.

Behind the kitchen, whipping up to aggrandize your appetite is the d'Orival couple, French Jean and Filipina Michele. Their combination naturally brings a resilient element that can only be measured by the way at how they work on their menu, and seen at how remarkable their receptions are from the dining populace.

Le Cuisine Francaise serves lunch buffet during weekdays, for only Php499. Luckily I got it for only Php299.

Kick it off with Creamy Corn Soup.

Bread to start off your meal.

They have home-made pates and terrines.

Derivative of Southern France, they have the provencal type of chicken too.

Grits and Grillades - typical of a French dining table.

Vegetarian corner. A green is a must when eating meats as it helps in the digestion process of fats and tough meats, aside from thorough chewing.

Oil-based pasta. I'm wishing that they have a separate pasta section where diners can have the option of what pasta they like to have prepped at.

Garden fresh salad mesclun. I just came form the gym so this is just astutely fitting for my appetite.

Fruits - something that contained active laxative ingredients.

Desserts, butterscotch with butter on top.

The table is adorned with a Sauvignon wine and a beautiful lighting fixture.

Since they only have a few entrees for buffet, here are what I have been frequenting at.

And the garden fresh salad with balsamic vinaigrette.

And the garden fresh salad with balsamic vinaigrette.

Reservation says 11AM but their shop already opened at 11:55AM. I was wishing time is something they have to be wary of since it's a week day and it's at the heart of Makati's business district where businessmen's time is of an essence.

Bon appétit.

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