Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cafe Jeepney at InterContinental Hotel

Probably the only cafe thematically centered around the Philippine's uniquely iconic mode of transport, InterContinental Hotel's Cafe Jeepney is where I headed at last rainy Saturday. It is so because I took my gym session too inside InterCon's Gold's Gym Express. And knowing how repulsive I am to crowded places(as malls are during that day), that was viably the only option for dinner I can have.

Best known as a favorite hang out of some of the country's politicians, probably due to its feel good patriotic effect with the peculiarly design elements pivoting at the Philippine's colorful history and a day-to-day transportation for the economic workforce, the Cafe Jeepney is seated at the ground level of one of the longest running hotel chain in the country.

The restaurant's buffet offers a sumptuous fusion of local and international cuisine that includes spread dishes(Inihaw na Pusit, Barbecue Skewers, Chicken Inasal, Kare Kare, Salmon Caldereta, just to name a few), live cooking, and carving stations. But they also have the extensive array of desserts from Apple Walnut Caramel Crumble to Black Forest, Champagne White Chocolate Croustillant, Panacota, Fruit Platters, Mango Cheesecakes, and our very own Halo Halo. Did I mention they have chocolate fountain too?

You see, eating at smorgasbord setting has been probably my second profession(along with my astrophysics endeavor) that I know how not to waste my gastric space. So my rule of thumb would be a little bit of everything, start with the most expensive dishes, no water or any cold fluid in between, just hot soup enough to rid of your ickiness.

And unlike most who started with their dining habit with a soup or a salad, I took salad only at the end of the meal to aid my digestive track's workload and rid off my human bile system before the end of a day.

You can start off with bread, soups, and salads but since it was a buffet, I went directly into the main entree section. One that I particularly keep coming back are the live cooking station including liempo, squid, shrimp, beef tapa, and other grillables. Some sections that make me a buffet piranha are the Japanese maki and the sushi bar section, and the Chinese dimsum area. As expected, I concluded my meal with a sublime Crepe Samurai and a DIY Halo Halo.

Spending at 50% off from a groupon site, it was well worth it at Php808 price tag. Now, if you'd excuse me as I call up for dinner buffet reservations at Resorts World and Sofitel Hotel's Spiral buffet. ;)


  1. wooooow buffet hopping! :)) I can so relate, I'm also a buffet piranha when it comes to the sushi section especially if there's salmon sashimi :D

  2. @Smarla: yeah, but my buffet piranha-bility also includes dimsum. :)


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