Friday, July 1, 2011

A typical office boy's lunch

Despite the incessant stipulation of my MobilityReel not to blog about this, I just can't barred my overflowing gusto of this quaint little find in Eastwood. He prefers to keep mum about it in order to maintain the non-commercialized culinary joint free from price perversions of the mainstream restaurants found in malls and prestigious metropolitan spaces.

Those who knew me well know how I roll my week with the apothegm, "fast-food on weekdays and fine dining on week ends." Well, that fast-food is this cafe. Technically though, this is not a fast food.

Zuppa Cafe | NamaNama is a two-fold type culinary spot that offers Asian comfort food and continental cuisine on a 24x7 upkeep. Not only do they serve delectable dishes but in a non-compromising servings as well.

That afternoon, we grab ourselves an Asian Grilled Chicken with Laksa Rice(Php130), a grilled chicken fillet marinated in Asian spices on lakes rice, Hungry Hungarian Pasta(Php110), pasta chopped with Hungarian sausage sauteed in garlic, oil, chili with courtesy bread, Chicken Laksa Noodle Soup(Php120), a chicken broth noodle with coconut cream served with strips of fish tofu, fried tofu, and chicken strips, and mantou bun, and Caesar Salad(Php65), a garden fresh salad dressed in honey and topped with croutons.

This restaurant never failed me. Some of my favorites were Chicken Marsala, Thai Bagoong Rice, Pesto Presto, and Wild Mushroom and Tofu Rice.

So who says a typical office boy's options are just McDo, Jollibee, and KFC. Not me.


  1. the laksa rice sounds interesting...

  2. @Peach: kaka-discover ko palang ng laksa rice na yan, chalap din pala.

  3. where is this located in eastwood? i haven't seen this yet :)

  4. @Smarla: nasa Cybermall lang yan.


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