Sunday, July 17, 2011

Celis Restaurant at Hotel Celeste

This is the first time that I am here, but not quite literally. I was here back when this restaurant used to be a premiere French bistro operated by French national Chef Cyrille Soenen. It used to don its former name Restaurant Cicou.

Now the restaurant space was acquired by the hotel management clad by a new name Celis Restaurant with an assortment of continental cuisine in its culinary portfolio .

I noticed that the design synthesis of washer-like circles on their tables and chairs remained unchanged, including their chandeliers and lighting fixtures. This time though they have added classical Sicilian couches, somewhat reminiscent to what is featured in the family portraiture of Michael Corleone.

Once again, the payday week end only expedited traffic build up, and malls ended up congregated with thick crowds. And my enochiophobic tendencies lead me to Celis Restaurant.

I had a feast that night. It was a STEAK-ALL-YOU-CAN buffet. Although it isn't a CAB or USDA-certified, it's still a US Angus Beef which is synonymous to quality and succulence, tossed with different choices of sauces in their carving station.

You can start a meal by DIY-ing a salad with your own dressing preference in the salad section.

Then head off to the carving station and grab that sumptuous juicy steak cooked according to your doneness. There are other entrees like Oven-Baked Fish Fillet with Mediterranean tapenade that you can pick, if you felt a little icky on steaks. One that I particularly love is the Sauteed Mixed Seafoods.

Along with that, you can check out their side dish station: Zucchini and Mushroom, Garlic-Herbed Mashed Potato, and Asparagus and Cherry. Pasta station includes Spaghetti Aglio and Pesta Pene. Dessert section has a bevy of fruits and savory cakes to satisfy your sweet tongue.

Lastly, I laud the servers for the commendable brand of customer service, they always want your dining experience superb and comfortable.

I was hoping though that they can offer more cut varieties like RibEyes, Delmonicos, and Prime Rib but with a sub-1grand price for this buffet, I wouldn't ask for more. It's just Php599 folks.


  1. waaa, cheap! and everything looks good.

  2. @Katey: alam mo naman ako, pusang gala. kaya i know the metro's steal deal. Php699 yan if you pay it upfront, but if you buy it from group buying sites, it's only Php599.

  3. so regular price is P699? pwede pa rin. Oo nga eh, san to please? directions. hehehe. thanks

  4. @Katey: oo nga, pwedeng pwede, kaso comparing it to Dad's mas konti choices nila. If you love Sirloin and Tenderloin, this is good for you. They are located at Arnaiz Road(Pasay Road) corner San Lorenzo Drive. it's just in front of Rennaisasance Hotel, facing Pasay Road side.

  5. steak-all-you-can? Naku, magugustuhan ng sister ko dyan!

  6. Hi
    That is pretty inexpensive for a steak all you can!


  7. @Michelle: yeah, mura sya. ok na.

  8. wooooow! I love steak all you can restaurants! :D im putting this on my list of restos to go to. Last steak all you can that we went to is Grills & Sizzles :)

  9. @Smarla: yeah, grills&sizzles at west triangle, right? dun ko una natagpuan blog mo, because no one was able to give comprehensive review on that restaurant except your bog. :)


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