Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Peak at the Imperial Palace Suites Manila

Right at the penthouse of Imperial Palace Suites lies a poolside restaurant called The Peak where we have our latest gustatory escapade. The strikeforce, me and my college room mate, known to be usurpers of any food and beverage discount promo of any kind.

Imperial Palace Suites is located at the heart of Tomas Morato's restaurant row, where good food, vogue lifestyle, and urban crescendo proliferate.

Having located at the hotel's topmost section, its penthouse, one can view the motionless pinnacle of the scout monument despite rushing to-and-fro of the busy megapolis.

Whether gazing out in the window or glancing the cascading waterfalls, it's a nice place to talk about just anything under the sun amidst a lazy week end afternoon. One can even dip at the pool to accelerate the digestion process while reaching a gastronomic limit at the buffet.

Although not as many choices as most buffet that we have been to, The Peak's continental service and excellent cuisine is just enough for its price of Php350. Their entrees include Asian variation on Fridays, comprising of Chinese, Japanese, Thai with live Teppanyaki cooking, while on Saturdays, they have the Pinoy's best All-Filipino cuisine with off-the-grill barbecue.

Since there were only few food choices, I manage to scrimmage the 'grillables' section. At the least, they have wide variety of sauces to boot, so once can have their thin slices of what-have-you cooked in different flavor and taste. One good way to remove the icky-ness(umay factor).

Again, just like any usual buffet places that we have been into, we were the first to come in, we were the last to leave.


  1. Wow! PHP350 for a buffet grabe super mura ah!


  2. @Michelle: yeah mura, pero di rin naman ganun karamai. parang Tramway lang din.

  3. is it 350 pesos or is it just on a promo?i mean whats the orig price on a usual day.thanks

    btw, d ganun karami, at least 15 choices?tnx

  4. @Anonymous: given the spread volume, at a regular price, they can't be more than 500bucks. just my thought.


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