Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Lemon: World's yummiest drink

I have been to their Greenhills Promenade branch countless times but never had a chance to blog as it happens, when it happens, because of the ever thickening wave of crowd. And you know damn well that I hate crowded places. But I just can't hate Happy Lemon. In fact, I love it for being a feel good drink, or what they trumpeted as the "world's yummiest drink" emblazoned on their branding credo.

And sure enough, they revolutionize the whole tea experience. It's simply the iconoclastic combination of rock salt and cheese, of having to seep through the smooth foamy top without using straw or stirrer. It's not just the ingredients but the total drinking savoir-faire that has been a winning formulation for milk tea lovers.

Together with Pachuchai, we trooped to the second branch of Happy Lemon in the Philippines, located at Eastwood Mall. And with only few people, we saunter around and Happy Lemon-ed our heart's delight with Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese(Php90) and Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese(Php100).

The other avant-garde among other establishment's ordering system is their electronic table number that look like IronMan's Arc Reactor Unit when lit up. Once it lights up, than means your order is ready for claiming.

Happy Lemon has been on HongKong for quite a long time already, in act it has branches as many as Starbucks there, but relatively new to the Philippine scene. Although tea bars like Kozui, Serenitea, Bubble Tea, etc mushroomed in the metropolis, we are still a young and underserved tea market.

And I've heard form Pachuchai that they will be opening a branch in Rockwell too. Oh, I love it.


  1. I'm so frustrated. I haven't been to happy lemon yet...

  2. @peach: don't worry, hindi naman magsasara yun eh. hahaha. you still have time.

  3. haha, adik ka talaga john~

    i guess it's better tried, because hearing about it just seems weird. are there less people at eastwood?

  4. @katey: hahaha.... yeah, sasadyain kase eastwood eh kaya mas less yung tao. dalwang klase lang mga tao dito, thay are either condo dwellers or the corporate foot soldiers.

  5. I haven't tried the rock salt and cheese ; (


  6. @Michelle: dalwa lang naman iniinum ko dun, Cocoa and Green Tea with Rocksalt and Cheese. so yum yum.

  7. @cafemobility I miss Eastwood! it seems like all the best shops are there....(T__T)


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