Sunday, July 3, 2011

Di'Mark's Pizza: Taste of a legacy pizza

Exactly four hours after we stuffed-to-death our tummies with anything we see at The Peak buffet at the Imperial Palace Suites, here we are submitting to our exhaustive overindulgence to Di'Marks Pizza Tomas Morato(right beside Antonio's). That's how our(me and my college room mate's) day has always been. We exaggerate our uncompromising taste, and we challenge our unbridled intestines.

Di'Mark's Pizza has been in gourmet Italian pizza business since the 1950's with a reputation anchored at its name by being the most deserving legacy pizza place to exist that long. In a food industry where businesses come and go, and pizza parlors mushroomed and withered, they remained in the bustles for bringing out the best pizza without compromising the taste, ingredients, and service despite the plunging economy and wide-scale trend of commercialism.

I have eaten lots of pizza in the Philippines. And while I love some other establishment's offering, none of them really quite have satisfied me as far as overall experience is concerned. What I particularly like about Di'Mark's is the ambiance. The background music isn't annoyingly loud, in fact it is piercingly soft that it feels like it is coming from inside you. And that people have to talk almost in whispers yet they can clearly hear each other. See how cozy that is.

There are empty bottle racks that makes me think that at some point of their long years in operation, they may have offered wines to their customers. And the restroom, you have to be here to see how marvelously iconic it is.

We got ourselves their bestsellers: Mad Scramble Pizza 17"(Php671), a mixture of Italian sausage, meat pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, garlic, black and green olives, chicken and tomatoes, Spaghetti and Meatballs(Php210), an Italian spaghetti topped with profuse amount of cheese and meatballs, a courtesy bread(Php0), and a pitcher of house Iced Tea(Php260). Spent a lot? No, we only paid Php570 for all of those c/o the voucher we got from a group buying site. Where else can you get that value.

We devoured them all and left nothing but wares, literally exterminated what was in our table, and just as what Terminator said, "I'll be back."


  1. Now I want to try Di Mark's..kelan naman kaya ako maliligaw dyan sa Tomas Morato??

  2. @Peach: grabeh kase yung pizza nila, hindi sila nagtitipid ng ingredients.

  3. Super lapit sa akin but I have not tried this place...

  4. @Michelle: wow... super near pala homey natin. they serve good pizza esp the Mad Scramble. i like the warm, conducive, silent ambiance din.

  5. When we arrived, we were seated upstairs next the the bike. I realized that this is a hipster nest. Don't throw up yet, breathe through your mouth and you won't get a headache from the patchouli. Just before we bolted.Pizza Equipment


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