Saturday, July 30, 2011

Annabel's: Fine dining international lunch buffet

What used to be one of my most intimidating places in Tomas Morato is now but a land of predatory quencher, something that I have conquered with fearless presence, and at a ravenously half-famished stomach. I say intimidating because most of the time that I pass by the place, I always see packs of political figures either coming out from their SUVs or getting in, surrounded with an equally replete mobs of security personnels. It seems like Malacanang away from Malacanang.

The place is Annabel's Restaurant(or popularly known as Annabel's), a fine dining haven seated at the heart of the Tomas Morato's restaurant stretch, sandwiched between other known restaurants like Red Crab Alimango House and Alfredo's Steaks.

Ironically, Annabel's is not shrouded with fancy structures and assemblies, just pure and feigning complex of Spanish-themed house with a leafy foliage nestled inside its garden.

It's a lunch buffet week end, priced sat Php735 per pax care of a group buying site, from an original price of Php985. See how I optimize my food adventures? It's fine dining without mutilating your budget.

No wonder why it has been a favorite spot for private meetings, press releases, business luncheons, product launchings, birthdays, weddings, and other special occasions because of the lavish international cuisines without compromising the quality.

Buffet mainstays include Paella Valenciana, Lengua Estofado, Prawn Themidore, Fish Fillet, and Roast Chicken. But the flagship entree is the juicy and really mouthwatering US Beef Prime Rib Steak and the crunchy Pork Liempo, with a meat that was well-squeezed from its oil. The Paella Valenciana is a succulent mix of paella with generous servings of fresh crab, shrimp, squid, chorizo, and a mix of vegetables. But among the main entrees, I repeatedly ransacked the US Prime Rib Steak and Prawn Thermidore, yeah, like there's no tomorrow. Oh, my cholesterol and diabetes, spare me for this moment.

Other spreads include traditional soup and bread with lots of cheese varieties, salad bar that includes freshest chef-prepared salad, shrimp cocktails, and baked oysters. They even have sashimi and sushi bar to whet your appetite. If that doesn't break your tummy, try finishing it up with their pasta selection.

And my sweet tongue, of course, couldn't complete a meal without an assortment of sumptuous desserts. They have fresh fruits, Town Cafe Carrot Cake, fruit salad, cheesecakes, caramelized banana, etc.

And next time I'm here, who knows I will be talking with these folks on political and educational reforms to include scientific literacy development and technological advancement.


  1. hoy, ang diabetes mo! bakit long hair ka na?

  2. @LadyE: para madaling irebond. :)

  3. super suki ka na ng group buying sites ah hehehe


  4. @Michelle: may nagmomonitor kase sa opisina namin kung ano magandang deals, so kami lahat kumkuha kung meron. kaya mga empleyado mo, naku, baka kung hindi facebook inaatupag, baka group buying sites. bwahahaha.


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