Sunday, July 10, 2011

Watches: Men's must-have jewelry

Ever wonder why men's watches are more expensive than women's jewelry combined? Read on.

My fetish on watches is not about the design features and overall craftsmanship. It is about just having it, after all watches are the only men's must-have jewelry. And the cliche is true that:

If one has to know a man's bragging capacity, look at his car. If one wants to know a man's ranking in the corporate world, look at his pen. And if one has to know a man's financial worth, look at his watch.

Watches don't only tell time, it depict ones character and power.

For some, they settled in wearing sports watches(Rudy Project, Casio, etc), because of their rough and kinetic lifestyle. While others have to wear trend watches(Fossil, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, etc) because they have to flaunt their brand of zippy and ever-changing fashion. Still others, me included, preferred wearing legacy watches(Rolex, IWC, Baume et Mercier, Patek Philippe, Omega, etc). Had I not been into the corporate world, I wouldn't have known the importance of these commonly-taken-for-granted apparels like ties, cufflinks and watches.

When you are in front of a client, it is imperative that you show him not just the power to make decisions but the suggestive fact that you can be trusted with his money. Representation is a key factor in sealing the deal. So wear premium quality leather shoes, premium cufflinks, designer ties and a Swiss legacy watches, and that will make your client feel that you are of equal footing with him in terms of economic standpoint. And lastly, when signing a contract or any business papers, make sure that you pull up Montblanc or Visconti pens. Or the likes.

The Rolex Daytona in the picture is not mine. It's from a friend, though I was ramming down his throat to give it to me as a birthday present.


  1. so what's your favorite accessory?

  2. @LadyE: watch lang sa akin dear, unless bigyan mo ako ng anklet. ;) para may nakikita ako sumasabit habang nagpapafootspa ako.


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