Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ployer MoMo3: Cheapskate's Android tab

Tablets have stormed the electronic sphere the way netbooks did some few years back. Have you ever thought that every brand produces their netbook in an insane volume, the way soaps and shampoos are being produced at? Well, gone are those days.

Today is a tablet era. And computing giants would like to partake the crumbs in the market bread once smashed by Amazon and now sensationalized by Apple. Everyone has their own iteration of "pad"/"tab"/"book" suffixes, Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Blackberry Playbook, Asus EeePad, Redfox WizPad, MSI WindPad, HP Slate, Viewsonic ViewPad, and a lot more.

Chinas's leading tablet dropshipper, Shenzhen Ployer Electronics CO Ltd, is hoping to acquire the commonly coveted space in an already crowded room with the advent of the Ployer MoMo series. This one right in my table is a Ployer MoMo3.

It's a capacitive 7inch tablet powered by Android Eclair 2.1. Under its hood is a 256MB RAM, 660Mhz Rockchip ARM processor, HD Video playback capability, 8GB internal memory, integrated 3G/Wifi cards, and an expandable external memory via TransFlash card slot.

Although I am enamored by the fact that this one uses Android as its computing platform, I noticed that its TFT capacitive technology isn't like the one I am used to with the iPad and iPhone. I keep on erroneously pressing wrong letters even if the device is newly calibrated. The trick that I have found out is to point the letters using your fingernail. Cumbersome.

Although the processor is just barely half of the Samsung Galaxy Captivate I have, it plays HD videos pretty impressively.

This one is available online at about $120 US.

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