Saturday, June 25, 2011

Vertu: Patek Philippe of Phones

I passed by The Shang to meet up MobilityReel before we head off to Linden Suites for the Azzurro Bar & Bistro for the cocktail night. Look what I have found. Vertu Ascent Collection. I forgot the name of a jewelry shop. Have you ever thought why these phones are not retailed at cellphone shops, only at upscale jewelry shops?

These array of phones might not get the bells and whistles of a typical consumer, especially that the price is concealed. No fascinating electronic features, no jaw-dropping applications, just a typical PIM(personal information management) and media player functions.

But outside, it has one of the best legacy components ever used in a consumer product as far as material science is concerned. It has a synthesis of stainless steel, ceramic, sapphire crystal and liquid metal alloy, precision engineered to give the quality of its class. The sapphire crystal has been used in prominent watch companies to produce scratch resistant watch frontage, much like the one being used in my watch right now, while liquid metal is an amorphous atomic element touted to be three times the strength of titanium.

Back in the time(year 2000) when Nokia 8210 is still the highest end of the phone in the market, I instantly began bewitched and beguiled about Vertu. A fellow technology journalist friend told me that even their metal is of an airplane grade quality.

I said I began falling in love with, until I was stunned by the price. It costs half the price of a brand new sedan.


  1. what the? lols, ang pricey naman and yun lang ang features. Kala ko mag ttransform na siya eh. hehehe.

  2. @katey: it's made by the same materials as legacy watches like rolex and patek and IWC. mahal nga, pero pagmagiging CEO na ako, malamang bibilhin ko talaga to. (or am i just saying na hindi ko talaga mabibili to? bwahahaha).

  3. as far as material science, yes I have to agree with that, in fact impressing.

    oo, siguro pag CEO ka na, ikaw pa? I highly doubt you wont buy this dear~

  4. Patek Philippe is a brand of watch, right? A pretty expensive one. More expensive than Rolex, I think.


  5. @Michelle: how was boracay. nagdala ka ba ng buhangin para sa amin? yes, it is such an expensive time piece. this phone has almost the same price of that darn watch brand. like what i said, it has half the price of a brand new car.

  6. hi john. i think you're the most techie commenter i had so maybe you can help me out.

    leave me a comment on my blog please because that way i will be able to read what you have to say in my yahoo mail just in case my proxy starts acting up again and i won't be able to access blogger (i'm in china now, so you see, almost everything i need to access are blocked).

    in your most honest opinion, which is better --- a Nokia N8 or HTC desire HD? i'm contemplating on buying one when i get back in replacement for my jurassic N95 which is currently giving me too much problem.

  7. @Pia: how was your dad. i will give you pros and cons of the Nokia N8 and HTC Desire HD.


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