Monday, June 20, 2011

Elan Cafe: Waterfall Dining Experience

It was raining like crazy. An afternoon with bedtime weather. But since I never had a taste of my birthday, together with my college room mate, we stormed the urban landscape amidst gushing rain.

The stop is Elan Cafe, a cafe and dining haven seated right at the abode of Greenhills Elan Hotel Modern.

Our reservation that day was just at the cafe. Elan Cafe offers sumptuous continental cuisine where one can enjoy dining with the refreshing waterfall. Although quite different from what Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas's choreographed water feature, the feeling is still there. At the brethren of Elan Cafe's waterfall are a school of fishes swimming in their pleasure, giving a magical sight of amazement. We were of course seated right beside where the waterfall is.

Although for a Php600 peso price(their Father's day special promo coming from a Php1,200 original price), I would rather say that Dad's has more selection to boot. However, for a non-gargantuan few, they have got what will make a gastronome full.

The menu include Szechuan Veggies, Kumpao Chicken, Spareribs with Tausi, Steamed Fish Fillet, Moussaka, Pan-Fried Mexican Veggies, Roasted Potato with Herbs, Filleto Miale with Tomatao and Cheese, and my face, Roasted Mediterannean Chicken. They also have a dessert corner which includes Buchi, Taro Cake, Peach Mango Panacotta, Creama Catalana, and a lot more. The chef can also prepare you a pasta from your choice of noodle and ingredients. I choose a Carbonara.

Aside from the courtesy cake ℅ Father's Day promo, during our meal, the restaurant manager serenaded us with Father and Son by Cat Stevens. I am not a Cat Steven fan but the lyrics seared my heart, "Find a girl, settle down, if you want you can marry, look at me I am old but I'm happy". Asked why there is only one cake in our table, we said that it's good than having none since both of us are still a bachelor. Hahahaha.


  1. good thing discounted ang price, or else (for me) for the choices they have, not worth it.

  2. @Katey: yeah, i got it at 50% off c/o Ensogo groupon voucher. ang dami ko na voucher, i wouldn't be hungry in the next century of so.

  3. oh? wow, galing. at least tipid.

  4. @Katey: yun nalang cguro gagawin ko, voucher voucher nalang ako pagkumain, tipid meals pa.

  5. @Katey: bibili kase ako ng catadioptic telescope for astronomical purposes kaya tipid tipid muna. plus may mga nakaantabay akong bakasyon this august.

  6. ahhh, ok lang yan, you still dine at nice places at half the price which isn't bad. at least hindi ka sa carinderia kumakain, lol.

    nice, whatever that thing is, hehe. nag nnose bleed ako when you talk about astronomy. vacation!

  7. @katey: kumakain din ako food court, yun na yung carinderya sa urban jungle.

  8. haha, tama. at least may class pa rin diba?

  9. @katey: hahahaha... pero kung nagtitipid, gardinya nalang tsaka senchuri tuna. lol.


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