Sunday, June 12, 2011

X-Men: First Class

I read comics a lot to fill in the missed TV episodes of my fave animation while I wash the dishes and my brothers are watching TV(middle child syndrome exasperation, bwahaha) One of them is "The Uncanny X-Men". And as if it ends there, with the advent of internet infrastructure, I downloaded all X-Men series I could find in Torrent.

That brings me a brimming pride to profess myself as a comic purist. So when we watched the X-Men: First Class, I couldn't help but notice some inconsistencies with the comic vs the movie version.

Although I must say that the movie was executed well and as if rewriting some comic part isn't difficult enough, they have proven that a change although leaning towards commercial mainstream is sometimes cinematically pleasant.

Here are some inconsistencies that I noticed:

1) Alex Summers(Havoc) is supposed to be the younger sibling of Scott Summers(Cyclops), not the other way around

2) Darwin belonged to an Omega mutant, a higher class of mutant along with Jean Grey and Iceman, so I was a bit disappointed when he just died in a snap

3) I noticed a less-than-stellar bond between Xavier and Magneto, unlike the older Xavier and Magneto in the X-Men 1 and 2 movie

4) Azazel and Raven Darholme(Mystique) ought to have an intimate relationship but in the movie, they don't seem to know each other. That intimacy, in fact, brought along Night Crawler, their love child.

5) Moira is Scottish and not American, as opposed to the movie. And she has an erratic, on-and-off relationship with Banshee. Also that part was never shown.

The movie is good, and I couldn't help but notice the HOTNESS of Mystique.


  1. @LadyE: sino dun, yung una? yung sa xmen 1 and 2? ayoko nun, mas gusto ko yung ngayon, medyo malaman ng konti. bwahahaha.

  2. For a non comic reader, like me, It worked for me.

    I have the same gripe about Darwin too, I find him so lame in the movie.

    I also didn't like the fact that angel was able to beat banshee, when soundwaves travels much faster (tama ba?) na talo si banshee ng lamok. hehehe.

    And the young raven (teenager) was pretty, even nung nag transform siya as an adult mystique.

  3. @katey: soundwave as a particle travel faster, however Banshee is simply riding the propuslive energy of the soundwave opposing gravity, not a soundwave particle mismo.

  4. hmmm, well said. wahehehehe...


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