Monday, June 20, 2011

Fazoli's Italian Food... Fast

All malls that Sunday were literally full, from movie houses to restaurants. We were at Robinson's Galleria, SM Megamall, and Shangrila Mall, until we decided to drive off the way either to Resort World or to Eastwood City. The rain that day impedes traffic flow almost to a halt, as tire traction was hugely diminished due to slippery road conditions.

We were left with a rational choice which was Eastwood. So after getting a few errands, we dined in at Fazoli's Italian Food... Fast and foisted on their Happy Father's Day promo which is a steak cooked at your doneness and served with a glass of wine.

Fazoli's is an alternative quick service restaurant, anchored on a semi-Italian bistro and thematic tapestry, and specializing on their signature submarino sandwiches and salads pasta and pizza.

Although the restaurant boasts of a refillable soda and bread sticks, their bread refill service were extremely slow. I have learned the trick from MobilityReel that the way to circumvent it is to repeatedly go to the counter, bring your plate and ask for at least four sticks. So if you don't mind doing this hubbub, you'd live and leave the place full.

But at the price point, I couldn't complain. I only paid Php250 for my steak meal set that includes Cabernet Sauvignon wine.

And, I'd like to mention a belated happy to my cousin Junette Anne Cabrera Dimco(in the pic) whose birthday fell on the same day as mine.


  1. @katey: for a price of Php250, i didn't expect a CAB or USDA-certified and quality steaks but it was ok. baka nga tagaytay beef lang yung mga yun, pero oks lang naman. habol ko was the package meal kase the Php250 range just is just a price of a glass of wine on other restaurants.


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