Thursday, June 16, 2011

Max's Chicken-All-You-Can: Man vs Chicken

It's a race to the clock for some, it's a race to beat our previous record for us.

Max's Restaurants once again unleashes their famed Chicken-All-You-Can promo last year. This time with a slightly differentiated price of Php199 that includes one glass of iced tea or any soda of your choice. But one can opt to upgrade their drinks into for just Php28.

If I am not mistaken, it was around Php160++ last year, without inclusions.

The promo stretches a one month run, from June 10 to July 10, 2011 starting from 6PM to 10PM, just as it was last year. Max's didn't learned its lesson last year for having had cuddled vicious cutthroats of the dining table. Yes, I am one of them. I think eating buffet has become my second profession.

Our group, composed of two, stormed Max's Restaurant Tiendesitas. First group is a Carlo-Nico-Gene triumvirate. Second group, me and MobilityReel. The first group had to be there first so they can reserve seats for us while we are still embroiled in a meeting. Once we are there, the first group has to leave to continue our undertakings in the office.

Then comes the chicken genocide. The first group downed 11.5chicken parts combined, while us 13parts despite our number. I wasn't able to beat my record last year, I was sort of icky(that's the closest English translation I could find for the word "umay") during the last moment of my bites.

It was a disappointment that their chicken refills took like 5min or more while we are able to finish one chicken part for a minute or even less. That was how lightning fast we are in this kind of scuffle. Of course, my MobilityReel doesn't want to overindulge as he still has a basketball game a day after. So yeah, he was spared for not optimizing his gastronome.


  1. i down 5 chicken parts yesterday at gb 1 branch. Kakaumay nga. but this promo is superb!

  2. @Rome; i thought you were at HongKong with Peach. kelan ka pa dumating. i downed 7 last night, but i was able to make 8 last year.

  3. up to when is the promo john?

    im curious about that umay feeling.

  4. I haven't tried the chicken-all-you-can promo..ang haba kasi ng pila parati...

  5. @Peach: timingin mo na dapat week days or dun sa Max's na hindi pinupuntahan ng mga tao, esp off-mall Max's.

  6. I was only able to do 3 :P not because I was full, but sawang sawa na ako after :P

  7. @Smarla: full din ako nun, may "lugaw day" kase sa office where our company is giving us bowls of lugaw na punong puno, naka dalwang balik ako. tapos after that dumerecho na kami ng Max's.

  8. my friends tried this but not me. i don't eat the breast part. so i know it wouldn't be worth my 200 bucks if i opt to try this. i'd stick to the fiesta plate... my all time fave.

  9. @Pia: that's my fave too if without a promo :). i'm a sucker for good deals.


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