Saturday, June 25, 2011

Azzurro Bar & Bistro: Cocktail Night

Last night was a cocktail night for us. Sounds like an unfitting drink concoction for the hard and resolute gentleman in us? Nah, the three of us were there to optimize a deal we grab from a groupon voucher. We're a deal smasher, a predator in the culinary symbiosis, an opportunist in the economy of consumerism. We are breed of human beings that will make business owners change their mind and regret why they ever came up with that promo.

The place is Azzurro Bar & Bistro, seated at the second level of Linden Suites by Swiss-Bel Hotel International. The place is divided into two sections: the restaurant for the non-smoking and the bar for the smoking guests.

This is not my first dip in the Azzurro scene. I was at their Millennium Hotel, now called Somerset Millennium Makati, with some colleagues of the publication that I used to work for before, but that was around 2004. It was one of the best fine dining restaurants for me, at that time.

Azzurro serves the metro's finest Mediterranean and European cuisines with a twist for the adventurous tongue and discriminating palate. Food served at the bar includes Buffalo Wings, Chicken Sisig, Calamares, and Beef Salpicados. T

There were only three free flowing cocktails served that night: Illusion(Php350 + 10% SC), a mixture of vodka, malibu, midari, and cointreau, Maitai(Php150 + 10% SC), a combination of rum, lime juice, orange curaco, and syrup, and Screwdriver(price is not in the menu), comprising vodka and an orange juice.

We rounded up all the variants and then we stick with the Illusion for a better value. Yes, that's only Php350 per pax for an endless flow of all of it.


  1. Nakaka-addict ang groupons ano??

  2. @Peach: oo grabeh, don't you know that i still have 12 of them, unused. lahat yun food. papa expire this august. so until august, baka hindi na ako makakaranas ng gutom.

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