Tuesday, September 4, 2012

T-Mobile's MyTouch by LG

The Philippine shore's SMART Communications call it Netphone, the Globe Telecommunications call theirs a Cloudphone, leaping into the global arena's T-Mobile, they call it MyTouch. Different names, same apple. 

For quite a while, T-Mobile's LG MyTouch lines once earned a notoriety among the consumer to have showcased only high-tiered models of phones. Now, they have summoned the techsmiths of Huawei to churn out phones aimed at a budget-friendly public. 

Coming in with two flavors, slate and slide out QWERTY, they were surprisingly a good phones with a jaw-dropping specifications. 

Powered by Android 2.3, it is slapped with 1.4GHZ Qualcomm MSM 8255 processor complemented with a 1GB of RAM. The storage capacity is 4GB internal memory with an expandability option of a MicroSD Card slot. The device runs on Bluetooth, GPS, and an 802.11b/g/n Wifi variant. Under a good lighting condition, the 5MP camera snaps out decent takes. In a less-than-ideal lighting environment, it's another story. 

My verdict, this is a capable phone nonetheless, and it has its own target demographics. Since I am a shutterbug for most of my mobile life, I am hoping that they would address a glaring design flaws especially on the camera side. I am hopping a better sensor and a good flash. But for its price, I may as well rest my case. 

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