Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Summer Palace at the EDSA Shangrila Hotel, Manila

Our business unit / department is teeming with celebrities, the latest addition I fondly call A. While  I have had my fair share of TV guesting from talk shows and news programs, they have been mainstay casts of a TV program, so inserting myself into their fixation is probably a century's sneering contempt. 

I particularly like two of them, one I call J, a male celebrity who was once taunted as a leading man of Jewel Mische, and the other A, a top 5 victor of a reality television show and has been a product endorser of known slimming brands. With the two of them in tow, I felt like being squashed at the centripetal point, J being a gadget lover and A having a knack for fine cuisines.

Lately, A messaged me about EDSA Shangrila's Summer Palace Dimsum promo. And being a cosmopolitan hyena that I am, I am so bent in dining out for a lunch of an epicurean Chinese cuisine, so I dragged along a colleague of mine, LT, with me. She's a dimsum connoisseur, I am a buffet piranha so I was thinking our gustatory combination is perfect for this moment. 

You will be ushered by the two ladies dressed in long Chinese royal cheongsam. The inside of a restaurant evokes a grandeur of Chinese heritage, from the round tables to centerpiece decors, to wall paintings, reminiscent of those Chinese shows aired on RPN9 every Sunday morning when I was 9. 

Our table, it can probably accommodate 4 largely depending on how many plates are you going to consume. 

Here goes our the first dimsum to "grace" our table. 

Meatballs. I think I would have loved this had this been deep fried. 

Har Gao.

I love their Siomai. I have eaten three trays of these. Too bad they don't have a Xiao Long Bao, it would have been my first. 

Spinach. My second love. 

Spare ribs.


Steamed scallops. My third love. 

Chicken feet. I usually don't eat this but for the sake of trying it out, I took the challenge where LT didn't. 

Egg custard.

And the fried variants, two for each kind, Spring Rolls, Radish Cake, Taro Puff, Fried Dumplings and a lot more. 

We can't help but to grab a soda just to make a grandeur burp. 

And concluding it with a tea in a ceremonial drinking. 

We have to head back to the office. LT was full. I have eaten decently and sufficiently, but not really full. Yes, I told you I have a long stomach that when unbridled can probably reach up to the moon. 

The time we were here is that they didn't offer  yet the soup, noodles and desserts, but I have heard that the promo set right now is inclusive of those. Oh well. 


  1. This above photo can show that this hotel has best facilities by which people can attract and get many comfortable feeling.

    1. yes, it is one of the finest luxury hotels of the country.

  2. Whenever people have holidays, they like to stay in hotel and they like this kind of hotel because it has finest luxury facilities.


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