Saturday, September 22, 2012

Italianni's Restaurant at the Veranda, Eastwood Mall

My dear friend, Katey, has just been offered a job at the country's premiere print media group.  And with unforgiving deadlines to beat, vibrant articles to produce and fresh ideas to bowl, she has our wishful regard for excellence. As an editor to editor, I am welcoming her with an open arms, and shackled brain. Hahaha. Editorial job will elude your sought-after sleep, most of the time. 

Lately, she asked me which Italian restaurant, the most expensive that is, that I have dined in. I couldn't think about anything that may subscribe for the price category, and besides price point is a very subjective perception. 

So I thought of L'icontro Ristorante Italiano, Carpaccio Ristorante and Italianni's Restaurant. They may not be pricey but they were the A-list as far as mainstream Italian fares are concerned. 

My journalistic nerve is grinding my gastronome to try the latter since that is the closest as to where I work. After all, the last time I have been to Italianni's was several years back during our get together with highschool classmates. 

Italiannis, as some friends fondly call it, a fast-food for the rich. 

Courtesy bread. 

Olive oil for the appetizer. 


Quattro Stagioni.

Pork Belly. So soft and tasty, I think they're using young pork. 

Green Mango Shake to conclude my dinner. 

The price is actually an average price range comparing to all restaurants of this type. So the verdict? It may not pass for Katey's most expensive flair. 


  1. Wow ang sweet. Thanks for being my "researcher" about my query ha?

    And I am beyond happy to have been accepted at the country's premiere print media group.

    As for Italianni's, if anything I like their Abondanza pizza


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