Sunday, September 9, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Slll: Style and substance in one

The alpha phone smackdown between Apple and Samsung seemed to be getting a burning intensity as Samsung incessantly keeps on releasing blow by blow by its product introduction hereto and fro. 

Samsung Galaxy S3 is the latest addition to Samsung's ensemble of powerpunch devices, while brewing from its kettle are Galaxy Note 2 and probably a new tablet iteration. 

Following the runaway success of its predecessor, the Galaxy S2, S3 has the new set of bells and whistles to make your head turn. So let's start pointing the lusters one by one:

Though the huge 4.8inches Super AMOLED, Gorilla glass-armed screen has a size cut short compared to the monstrous Galaxy Note, it has its own advantage, for one, it is meant to be a phone with the default feature in mind, handheld comfort and weight-friendly portability. 

Prior to its release, rumor says that it should be sporting 12MP as compared to the average 8MP of the Galaxy S3, instead it had the same camera specification. Still decent sensor delivers quality still and video shots and can even shot at a 1080p video. The front camera has a 1.9mp and can shot at a 720p. Not bad huh.

Slapped with an Android Ice Cream Sandwich, it has to have a good set of hardware to be able to comply the stringent processing requirements of the ICS-supported application. So then Samsung decided to put in Quad Core 1.4Ghz Cortex A9 with 1GB of RAM. The storage capacity comes along with 16/32/64GB variant, but I have only seen up to 32GB in the Philippine market. It can be expanded up to 64MB though through the microSD card.

Connectivity and multimedia options include Wifi 802.11a/b/g/n, NFC, GPRS, EDGE and Bluetooth. Some other rafts of features include S-Voice for the command and dictation features, Smart Stay for eye tracking, Dropbox for an extra 50GB cloud storage, SNS integration, S Beam as Samsung's answer to Android beam and wifi direct. One thing that I particularly like is the live preview which previews the video thumbnail in live action. 

On the outside, while I love the texture of the Galaxy S3 especially the marble white variant, I still love the design implementation of HTX One X

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