Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cafe d'Asie at Bellevue Hotel Manila

An urban bliss for frazzled city dweller, as writer editor Jing Lejano puts it appropriately, Bellevue Hotel Manila, once again made my heart grow fonder with its resident restaurant, Cafe d'Asie's promo, Php880++ lunch buffet during week days from a regular price of Php1,300++. 

Being coined as a cosmopolitan hyena by those who know me, I am always prowling at the city's best gustatory deals. 

Before, Makati used to be the epicenter of the metropolitan's abundance. Not with the advent of posh hotels popping out left and right, from Ortigas to Alabang, now the replete of luxury spread out evenly. 

There are only three hotels(that I know of) in the Alabang area that offers buffet spread, Vivere Suite Hotel, Acacia Hotel Manila and Bellevue Hotel Manila. I have only tried the last two, recent being at the Bellevue Hotel Manila, and this is what they have to offer. 

Located at the 2nd levee of the hotel, Cafe d'Asie is a perfect place for a comfortable and cozy ambiance that offered not only the relaxing feel but of a gustatory delight from a variety of mouthwatering cuisines of international fare. 

An assortment of breads. 


Salad complements and...

More of  it. 

Fine ensemble of cheese and fruits. 

Do-It-Your-Own salad. 

Seafoods from the grill section. 

Beef, Pork Belly and Sausages form the grill section. 


Ebi, Sushi and Sashimi from the Japanese section. 

Shrimp Tempura. 

Dumplings. They also have other variants placed in dimsum trays. 

Noodles from the Chinese section. 

Ingredients from the Mongolian section. 

Roasted Potatoes and French Beans with Bacon.  Not in the pic is the Seafood Lasagna. 

Korean Beef Stew. 

Roasted Chicken Italian Style. 

Soy Ginger Fish Fillet.

Tuna Salad. 

Green Salad. 


Lamb Leg with a variety of sauce to choose from. 

A variety of desserts to choose from, from White Chocolate Mousse, Assorted Fruit Tarts, Ube Roll, Desire Cheese Cake, Creme Brulee, Strawberry Shortcake, Belgian Cake, Chery Cheesecake, Mango Flan, Chocolate Sauce, and Lemon Merengue. Let's count them starting with this one.










Lamb leg, the star of the show. I I said in my buffet science, always go for the most expensive first, and usually they are found at the carving station.  

From the Chinese section. 

Beef from the main course section. 

Let's try their grillable section. Tanguige is perfectly done. 

Another one from the grillable section. 

Soup, one of the thickest and most delicious that I have tasted. 

A Mongolian feast courtesy of the chef. 

From the Japanese section. 

Desserts for my sweet tooth because for me, meal isn't a meal without it. 

Fruit Medley. 

DIY Garden Fresh Salad. 

Three scoops of rocky road variant, plus this combination, concludes my delectable pleasure. 

I am on the quest of writing my top ten buffet destination for this year, and at this rate, this one may enjoy the accolade of it. At a discounted price of Php880 + 12% VAT + 10% SC, I think it was well worth a drive to the south. 


  1. I'll wait for your list of the top ten buffets....then I'll try the top three..=)

    1. i have a feeling na nakainan mo na lahat yun. wala namang ibang magko-compete sa buffet industry na yan other than Spiral(Sofitel), Heat(EDSA Shang), Circles(Makati Shang), etc. new players may come in, like Corniche(Mla Diamond), Escolta(Mla Pen), Impressions(Maxims), Ilang Ilang(Mla Hotel) and Vikings for non-hotel based.


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