Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cafe on the Ridge at the Taal Vista Hotel

Didn't I tell you that Tagaytay has been my favorite quick escape from the cosmopolitan frenzy arising from the hustle and bustle of the daily urban life? The spontaneous urge to whisk away is a breeze at a 2hour long drive at a maximum. 

And while it is apparently far from the metropolitan reach, this mountain city's tourist development has slowly been morphing the mountain ridges into an extended leisure spot, so I wouldn't mind spending an entire week end without bringing along anything except for a MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPad, chargers and credit card. I can easily grab clothes and toiletries at a nearby souvenir shops and groceries. 

Lately, I have been to Taal Vista Hotel to take my lunch. That English-Tudor mansion style hotel which used to be a bastion of Philippine history has retained its intrinsic charm among the natives and tourist alike. I am of no exception. 

The name of the resident restaurant is Cafe on the Ridge, essentially because it is sitting right where the ridge is, fronting the majestic Taal Volcano and lake. It was week end, rather a long week end, so I expect lots of people around. Nonetheless, the climate is perfect for my subtle relaxation. 

Their buffet spread speaks of a Filipino Heritage Cuisine with a little blend from other continental taste. 

Salad supplements. 

Salad section. 

Variety of salad.

Main course. 

Halo-halo section. 

Desserts section. 

They mix their own gelato. 

Centerpiece table. 

Carving station presents. 

Again at the carving station. At every buffet that I have been into, I will always go first to their carving station. That's because the most expensive entree is usually at the carving station and you know my rule of thumb, go with the most expensive first. 

Lechon de leche. 

Tanguige and veggies. 

Grilled pork belly and veggies. 

I love the green and thin slice of meat combination of this dish. 

Squid and veggies. 

Gelato. While I really like Gelato from both Gelatissimo and Caffe Ti-Amo, I don't like the one served here.   

My salad. 

My desserts. 

Fruit medley. 

Caramelized banana. 

Concluding my meal is a halo-halo. I wish they have more ingredients. 

Bed and breakfast joints have sprouted all over, and I think Cafe on the Ridge offered one of the prime places to try. With live entertainment and a cultural dance presentation, it was like what it was few years ago when the place was still a heartland of strategic secret meetings masquerading as nightly revelries from the social elite and colonial luminaries. I particularly like the live entertainment as they were reminiscent of the Trio Los Panchos(Youtube them out if you don't know them). Their music might be a passe from contemporary airwaves but this is a thematic hotel, with hispanic influence to boot. 

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