Saturday, May 26, 2012

HTC One X: One in a million

That was April when I get to be a part of the Philippine's launch of HTC One X and HTC One V held at the country's formidable digital lifestyle shop, Digital Walker Eastwood. 

The event was graced by the country's leading technology journalists and lauded gadget bloggers, all around, just to have a first look on the promising smartphone of the year, the HTC newest line up of mobile phones.  

I wasn't able to write about it because I haven't had a unit yet to fiddle, play around, or simply wreak by uber-maximizing its optimal potential. 

And because DW Cafe, an annex coffee shop of Digital Walker, also serves food during that launch, how can I say no.

The phone is made up of a polycarbonate unibody material that is matte on the back and smooth on the sides. Accordingly, it is made of a same material as a kevlar and that they claimed it to be bullet proof. That to me is an overstatement and a false claim. Obviously the Product Marketing Manager(whoever his name is) know nothing about science. Polycarbonate is not just the only material needed for a kevlar. There are layers of it. And while one layer is a polycarbonate(either Armomax, Cyrolon, Tuffak, or Lexan), its ability to resist a projectile with varying energy is directly proportional to its thickness. And with that, the HTC One X may not be able to sustain because of its thin material. 

Inside the HTC One X is a quad processor core Tegra 3 able to perform stringent heavy mobile graphic application. The Super IPS LCD2 4.7inch screen display complements your gaming frenzy. 

The 8MP camera at the back with flash and the front's secondary camera which is a 1.3MP are sure to make shutterbugs giddy and delighted. Don't worry about where to put those pictures though, it is packed with a 32GB of internal storage. 

It can even take panorama shot using multiburst photos, aside from the many filters and camera effects it has. A sampling of the picture I have taken surreptitiously while the Chuchai girl is on an Odin-sleep mode.

Running on Android ICS(Ice Cream Sandwich) and HTC's winning formula, its proprietary skin, Sense Ui 4.0, adds up to its upsmanship in the smart phone market.  

There are things that I'm hoping for that HTC will address on their next generation of HTC One models, battery life and a presence of MicroSD Card slot. And while I love the digitalized Beats audio, I still watt the Beats earphone to go along with it. 

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  1. htc one x also needs to fix the flickering issue. i hope htc one x will allow all rooted one x to get the OTA update as well - Tabernj


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