Monday, July 2, 2012

Li Li Restaurant at Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila

Despite the atrociously horrible weather condition last middle week of June, I still managed to storm Market Cafe at the Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila

Now, I have weathered the despicably horrid Malate traffic just to go to the Yam Cha Buffet Sunday at Li Li Restaurant, Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila's signature Cantonese restaurant famous for their Chinese imperial delicacies whipped up in the highest regard for quality. 

I have been to a plurality of authentic Chinese restaurants and Seafood Houses and had a zenith of my dining experience especially at Peking Garden, Greenbelt 5 but Li Li Restaurant toppled all that.  At Li Li, every detail of preparation from the traditional Gong Fu Tea Ceremony to the actual food presentation, from the exquisite details of the furnitures to the dining increments like spoon, fork and chopsticks, are all splendidly done in the finest artistry. 

The restaurant interior is very classy, it is like walking drown to a visual nirvana. Descending down from the spiffy stairs, it has a residential feel of some sort, having the receiving lounge, the dining are, as library and a wine cellar. 

Boiled peanuts and a Guava Iced Tea awaits you once you come in. 

A courtesy Deep-fried Taro and Assorted Seafood Dumpling is their welcome treat.

Honey-Roasted Spare Ribs.

Barbecued Pork Belly. 

Soya Sauce Chicken. 

Pig's Knuckle and Jelly Fish. 

Beijing-style Wok-Fried Pork Dumpling. 

Fruit Medley. :)




They even have a Chocolate Fountain. 

I don't know how this is called but this taste like a mantao bun with a sweet filing inside. 

More sweets. 

And more sweets. 

Mushroom Jelly and some other sweets. 

Utensils. Let's see what I got on my table. 

Pan-Fried Garoupa Fillet in Chilli Garlic and Coconut Sauce. 

Har Gao Steamed Shrimp and Bamboo Pith Dumplings. This taste so good. So does the Pan-Fried Spinach and Shrimp Dumpling(although not in the picture). 

Steamed Chinese Sausage in Glutinous Roll.

Shanghai Style Steamed Pork and Crab Meta Dumpling.

Wok-Fried Beef Fillet, Mushroom and Oyster Sauce. 

Wok-Fried Shrimps and Cashew Nuts. 


Eggplant, Shrimp Mouse, Black Pepper Sauce. 

Deep-fried Bean Curd Sheet and Shrimp Roll.

Little octopus and stuff.  

Steamed Shrimp and Golden Mushroom Rice Roll. 

At Php995 from a discounted price of Php1,350++, it was well worth it, and worth coming back. 


  1. Ok You had me at Honey Roasted Spareribs... Steamed Shrimp rice roll, Jelly fish and Chocolate fondue ; p Now, I want to go and try LiLi! Where did you get the discount voucher?


    1. Hi Michelle, DealGrocer lang. I'd suggest you bring your entire family. :)

  2. parang lagi ka nasa buffet! napansin ko lang :))

    1. hi hazel, how are you. every week end lang ako nagbubuffet, pag may time. :)

  3. hi john, the mantou with filling is called shou tao bao or peach bun, usually made for birthdays representing long life. enjoy.

    1. @Chef: thank you. i'm good at electron configuration, covalent radius, and atomic properties of the elements, but i'm so poor on the naming standards of culinary wonders and their ingredients. :(

  4. food selection is awesome. I wonder how long they're gonna offer the discount :)

    1. hello there. i bought it from a group buying site.

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