Friday, May 18, 2012

Roboto San Japanese Grill Buffet

I am a sucker for anything futuristic. It is because I can't wait to see major breakthroughs unfold in the future. I can't wait to see humankind's first official encounter with the third kind. Or perhaps the mass production of a quantum computing wearable device. Or the first positronic chip-based computer to be embedded into human brain. Or the materialization of time travel. Or our full grasp of String Field Theory, Black Hole and pre-Big Bang physics(you know damn well that our current law of physics collapses at the onset of a Black Hole and at the time before Big Bang).

So when I knew that a futuristic-themed restaurant opened, I couldn't wait but head my way there. 

Located at the Crossroads 32nd Street, a stone-throw away from St.Lukes The Fort, Roboto San Japanese Grill Buffet posits at the time of 2089 when an extra-terrestrial force invades the Earth and mankind's only hope is a robot that cooks. 

And just as other Marvin Agustin's restaurants, the interior is impeccably dazzling. The glitzy array of fancy chairs with robot faces in the back rest and the intertwining bars forming an almost geometrical pattern like you're inside the spaceship are some of its feature dining components. Or perhaps it really is because the dining crew(waiters and waitresses) are fondly called "space boys" and space girls."

And did I tell you that they show four of my favorite cartons all simultaneously? Astro Boy, Mazinger Z, Voltron and none else but Voltes V. 

So what do they have on their sleeve. To start off, they have a thin-crust pizza.

Beef based entree. 

Another pre-cooked viand. 

I made this as my rice replacement, a little amount of it.

Vegetables to aid your digestion. 

Beef and mushroom. 

Salad section.

Another cooked meal. I actually like it. I think it's made of thinly sliced potato wedgies. 

Pork Tongkatsu.

Shrimp Tempura.

Roast pork that looks uncooked, although it is actually not. But I have to grill it just to rid of the pinkish(bloodshed) section. 

Japanese Maki, Sushi, and Sashimi.

More from the Japanese maki section.

Thinly sliced meats at the grillable section.

More from the grillable section. 

At the desserts section. 

More from the desserts section. 

Ice Cream corner. 

The noodle is a DIY concept from noodle type to soup variants to the mix. 

My first.

My second. 

Fruit Salad.

Ice cream on top of a Halo Halo swimming with milk. 

Just as how I sully conclude my meals, it's the climax of anything saccharine. And this time, it is the ice cream with sprinkles on top. 

Just like the Komrad, Oyster Boy, Marciano, Mr Kurosawa, John & Yoko, Sumo Sam, Roboto San is a brainchild of celebrity-turned-chef Marvin Agustin and his business associates including Ricky Laudico who, just like any kids, is so immersed into the robot concepts and entertainment in the likes of Macross and Gundam Wing. 

Although the choices weren't as wide as SamboKojin, Bono Yaki or Yakimix, it is worth a try. Their volume of choices can be compared with the Mr Miyagi Smokeless Grill. 


  1. niiice!! this looks like a nice resto to bring my bro and dad to some time! i hope they offer more choices though... because for that price.. pwde na mag yakimix (and the likes). :)

  2. @Hazel: yeah, it's just actually worth trying.

  3. hi! my question's a bit off topic but i'm just curious what camera you use for your photos. thanks! (:

    1. Hi, believe me, i am just using an iPhone and a Samsung Point&Shoot camera. my combination is 95% iPhone, 5% Samsung digicam. I don't want to lug around with dSLR and besides, I don't want to go through the process of acquiring permit for you to use a dSLR in some establishments.

  4. good review. just like you I love eating Japanese, Korean food but I do eat meat and I know you mentioned you don't eat meat. good though that you like sushi just like me although I prefer sashimi because I want to limit my carb intake.


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