Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Avengers: On Dark Energy and Gamma Radiation

It was an Avengers fever last Saturday. A lot of my fellow comic-fanboys have been raving about the movie that it stirred my fondness to the nth level, with the variable "n" to mean infinity, contrary to the algebraic paradigm of indefinite integer. 

Two things that caught my attention: the mentioning of Dark Energy and Gamma Ray. You know that it tickled my bones whenever the subject of my discipline in the field of astronomy/astrophysics gets a special casting. Indeed science is getting into the mainstream media. 

1) Loki: "How much dark energy did the All-father have to muster to conjure you here?"

For those who aren't aware, estimated distribution of the entire cosmic components are: 74% Dark Energy, 22% Dark Matter(which I think may just be a Dark Gravity, or a gravitational feature we are not fully aware of), and 4% Ordinary Matter(us, everything we see, stars and intergalactic gases and every known matter to mankind). To that, I can modestly say that however intelligent you are, what you know is just a meager 4% of the entire cosmos. The rest are unknown, except for some of its properties. 

Dark Energy was required by All-Father Odin, Thor's father, to transport him to Earth. If this is true, Thor's civilization maybe a kind of planetary civilization that is able to understand the powers of galactic energy source, more precisely the knowledge of the continuum, the ability to manipulate time, space, matter and energy. Well, good for them. We, human beings, only understood a fraction of it. We know that Dark Energy is a repulsive force of the vacuum that rips apart the fabric of space and time. We know that it is an antithesis of gravity, but unlike gravitational force, it is not dependent on mass. If gravity is being held together by a "force carrier" called graviton, we don't know what  sticks the Dark Energy together. So our understanding of Dark Energy is only limited to the fact that it is a main contributor to the metric exponential expansion of space. 

2) Black Widow: "He wants you to track the Tesseract's gamma radiation signature." 

The traces of gamma ray emission from the Tesseract can be easily detected by amplifying the Fermi-Gamma Ray Space Telescope's Gamma Ray Burst Monitor to its highest resolution, peak intensity and optimal photon energy. This can be done by increasing the number of scintillation detectors(containing bismuth Germanium crystals) and mapping it out into the Earth latitude and longitude spot points. 

It was a good movie nonetheless. 

And it didn't end there. I even grabbed Petron Avengers Tumbler promo. For those non-Petron fuel guzzler, the Avengers tumbler can be availed for only Php60 for every Php1,000 worth of fuel at Petron. I have two of my favorites, the brainiac billionaire, Iron Man(Tony Stark) and the god of thunder, Thor. 


  1. i'm really not a huge fan of the movie and the comics.. :P but i have so much admiration for people who really are die-hard fans :D

  2. @Hazel: yeah, it's a boy thing too, i think. most of the comic fanboys that i know of are boys. it's essentially our counterpart to your concept of barbie dolls, comics and toy guns.

  3. Excellent blog. I thought you were American until I saw the peso signs.

  4. @Anonymous: Oh, I wonder why you think that I am. :)


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