Sunday, September 26, 2010

Technology of the timeworn

Terrified. I was watching MTV and found out that the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" song was stuffed into their classic hit archive. It isn't a trend for the teens anymore. My music is getting old.

And similarly my gadgets are getting old too. They aren't technology of the times as it were once. They were technology of the timeworn now.

How many of you are still lugging around the same sets of gadgets that I do. Shown in pic are what is in my laptop bag: Nokia 6500(Smart), Samsung J600(Sun), iPod Touch, and my iPhone 3GS(Globe). Even my iPhone is getting old too as the iPhone 4 is now proliferating in the Philippine market already.

I maybe a modern day Batman with 'utility belt-like bulges' in my pockets because of these devices, but they are screaming relic aging. I am Batman with renaissance gadgets. I even still have an Acer Aspire 3620 laptop that is still working and in good condition since 2006. That old huh. Also not in the picture were Motorola Q, Nokia 6260, and MPIO MP3 player, all are still working but currently decommissioned.

Truth be told though, these gadgets have performed exceptionally well beyond my expectation. They have served as my virtual concierge in each leading department of functionality quite well. They have been with me in all vectors of mobility, like shadows clinging to its host, like a servant unflinchingly loyal to its master. But mind you, they all look like brand new. I took care of my devices well as they take care of me too. They're still shining shimmering splendor.

I am not really a gadget addict. In fact, if one has to rummage my bag, they would see basic elements of a civilized man who is always on the go: iPhone 3GS, Nokia 6500, Samsung J600, iPod Touch, MacBook Pro, Samsung ST500 digital camera, their accessories, USB Modem(Sun and Smart), USB drives, and other necessities like passport, ATM, credit cards, perfume, powder, mouthwash, etc.

See? Just the usual stuff of an ordinary Joe-on-the-go. Terrific.

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