Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Big Bang Theory TV Series: Season 3

I am on frenzied hunt for episodes on the new season of The Big Bang Theory. And it's this Big Bang fever that my laptop's wallpaper is fixated to it. I so love it that it sits second to my best television series to date, first is 24, no less.

So what is it in this sitcom that makes me love with brainiac fancy and roll with grotesque laughter. Big Bang is probably the hardest format to be produced on TV, as far as script if concerned. Chuck Lore and Bill Prady, the show's creators, may have a hard time injecting humors that are scientifically inclined to the daily lives of the characters.

It centered about a group of CalTech physicists who can unlock the mysteries of the universe but are too socially inept to connect with most people here on Earth. Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Sheldon (Jim Parsons) are roommates who spend their free time with fellow scientists Howard Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) and Raj Koothrappali (Kunal Nayyar), playing board games in Klingon and watching recorded Stephen Hawking lectures. But the planets start shifting when they meet Penny (Kaley Cuoco), a pretty blonde waitress/aspiring screen actress who's moved in next door. Even though she doesn't have a terribly high IQ or an affinity for quantum physics, Penny's looks and willingness to befriend them has the geeky guys trying their best to charm her with their limited social skills.

While you may remark that it's just my type who will like this show, think again, as the show reaped accolades from general public, with awards to boot, Favorite TV Comedy in the 36th People's Choice Awards and Best Comedy Series, 3rd Ewwy Awards. Both awards are garnered 2010.

Why. Because the show is typically just about romance and friendship. The show's storylines aren't exactly original even. It promotes all of the expected clichés about people in the sciences -- they have a passion for sci-fi characters and can't sell a pick-up line to save their lives, etc. -- and, in Penny, it also puts forward the stereotypical "female bimbo" image.

But The Big Bang Theory also has some funny moments and endearing qualities. Leonard, Sheldon, and their friends fully embrace their genius and recognize their social shortcomings. They also understand the value of friendship. In the end, they're just a group of nice guys basically having fun and looking for love.

The show is intellectually stimulating as I turn out guessing Sheldon's imbued trivia on science especially on the part of discrete particle physics and quantum cosmos.


  1. I have to ask DH about this series! I am glad Gossip Girl is back and the other series that we were watching!

  2. oh, big bang is so hilarious, and i find the dialogue so handy, especially if you're crunching physics and astronomy terminologies

  3. You are late! It's at its Fourth Season now - Episode 4 (Fifth, this Thursday).

  4. i know, i'm always been a late bloomer. i blamed torrent for that.


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